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Thread: Running pump with solid cover on

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    Running pump with solid cover on

    Is there any advantage or problem running the pump every now and then, months before opening the pool?

    The last 2 years I have taken the solid cover off my pool in late April (Rhode Island), and the water has been almost perfectly clear all the way to the bottom (IG 18X38 8.5’ deep). This year I took a peak, the water is cloudy and I can’t see the bottom.

    If I run the pump now a couple of times a week with the cover on, will the water be clear when I’m ready to open the pool, or should I just wait till April.?

    I have had the pool for 2 years using BBB and only saw slight cloudiness once, which went away in 2 days by running pump 24 hours.

    If it’s cloudy and green now will it be way worse in April?

    If I clear it up now will it stay clear till April by running pump once or more a week and adding chlorine, with the cover on?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Re: Running pump with solid cover on

    If you de-winterize, you will have to make sure you run the pump anytime there is a chance of freezing to avoid system damage. Chlorine is what you are going to need to clear it, but I'd be inclined to just wait. I usually open my pool a month or so before it's warm enough to swim, which is more than enough time to clear up the greenest mess without too much effort. Your solid cover will really help prevent algae, so I'd bet it's not going to get much worse before you open.
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    Re: Running pump with solid cover on

    Hi dcsys1, welcome to TFP!!

    Listen to what John said! It'll be easy enough to clear the pool when the cover comes off. I am wondering if the cover has gotten a hole or two in it to leave you with a cloudy pool - you can check for that when you go to remove the cover. I'm in central Ct so know that you won't be swimming in the next month or so. Just wait until you would normally open the pool and use the advice here to quickly get the water clear, balanced and swimmable.

    Let's both hope for a great swim season here in New England!
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Running pump with solid cover on

    The cover does seem to be developing many pin-holes near the rip-stop lines. Do solid covers only last a few seasons? I guess that would explain why the pool was clear the first 2 seasons but now fine dirt is passing through the holes and clouding the water.

    Although the water looks cloudy now, if the cover will prevent significant algae growth and the water won’t get much worse, I’ll leave it alone.

    I have kept the solid cover because I saw my neighbors pools when they took off their safety covers and could not believe the difference, my pool was almost perfectly clear, theirs were swamps. I assumed it was due to having a solid cover. The last 2 seasons my pool was practically balanced when I opened it and it took no effort to get it up and running. I liked that.

    Thanks for your replies.
    27K gal, vinyl, 1 1/2 HP pump, 24" sand filter

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