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Thread: New to using chlorine bleach

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    New to using chlorine bleach


    First time on TFP. After 3 years of struggling to get a FC reading >1 despite high TC levels, I finally came across this site. Now that I have a good understanding of this relationship, I am attempting to finally balance the pool.

    Numbers this morning (ClearCare testing system computerized water system at pool store) after 4 bags of 73% shock last night:

    FC = 0.63
    TC = 7.63
    CC = 7
    pH = 7.3
    ALK = 72
    CYA = 30

    In an attempt to quickly raise chlorine, I added 10 gallons of 8.25% bleach rather than more shock. 6 hrs later - still no chlorine on dip test strips (all I have at home at the moment).

    Any ideas as to how much additional bleach may be required to get the FC up to shock levels (10-12 ppm)? I would like to get it there ASAP since the pool has been hazy with pink algae forming under the ladder steps.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: New to using chlorine bleach

    Welcome. You're going to have to get one of our recommended test kits or it will all be guess work. Review our SLAM process in Pool School.
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    Re: New to using chlorine bleach

    I think high FC can actually bleach out the strips. You need a good test kit, especially if you plan to kill the algae, since most kits can't measure over 10.
    Pool School - Test Kits Compared

    You haven't had measurable free chlorine in the pool for 3 years? How have you been chlorinating the pool up until now?
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    Re: New to using chlorine bleach

    Wow, that 10 gallons should have raised your FC level to 44, so I bet it bleached out those strips you have.

    I'm sure your CYA is higher than just 30, just because you put in 4 bags of "shock" (a product, not the SLAM process we recommend) which probably contained a lot of cya itself. It takes a week for CYA to show up on tests. If it didn't raise the CYA level, it raised the calcium level because granular and puck chlorine products *always* contain something else along with the chlorine. That "something else" gets a lot of folks in trouble with their water after continual use.

    Get one of the two test kits we recommend, and start reading Pool School (tuition free! Detention served pool side)
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