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Thread: Chipmunk tunnels

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    Chipmunk tunnels

    Hi All,

    I have a 30x15 foot above ground pool. We have a section that has dropped about 1-2.5 inches due to a chipmunk tunneling under the pool. I think I've solved the chipmunk issue, but now I would like to fix the pool. The liner does not seem to distressed over the depressions. But cosmetically "we" (my wife) would like it fixed.

    My current crazy thought is to attached a long tube on a can of high expansion sprayfoam, and fill the void with foam. I'd have my wife stand on the pool and use her foot to try and level the application. The pool is only 52" deep, so my math says there is only 2 PSI on the floor of the pool. Which the spray foam should be able to overcome. I might end up with too much foam pushing the liner up, so I'd go slow and see what happens. My biggest concern is compatibility of the spray foam to the liner. Spray foam is used with vinyl windows, so... I think there shouldn't be an issue, but I wanted a sanity check before a burn a big hole in my pool.... Even if I can just stabilize what is there, it would probably be OK.

    I did a form search, and I all I found was solutions to drain the pool. I apologize if I missed similar solution.

    Thoughts, comments, am I totally insane? Has anyone tried something similar on the forum?


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    Re: Chipmunk tunnels

    How about buying a cheap vinyl float that feels like your liner.................spray some of the foam on it, let it sit and see what happens.

    Husband says to NOT get the high expansion kind as it WILL over expand and might cause more problems.

    Let us know what happens so we can learn from you and your adventures.

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    Re: Chipmunk tunnels

    I don't know about vinyl compatibility, but I was going to say the same thing about the foam. Do not go for the high expansion. it expands like crazy. I would do some trial runs first to get an idea of how much foam you have to put in there.

    You don't say how big the section is, or how long the tunnel is. You might be able to just get sand and ram it in there - being very careful not to rip the liner.
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    Re: Chipmunk tunnels

    your pool has 13000 gallons and just the water weighs about 104,000 pounds... that comes out to about 231 pounds per sq foot or 19.2 pounds per sq inch

    I dont think that foam will lift the liner, but you could test it out and put a block of wood down that weighs 18 pounds and spray foam under it and see if it will raise the board any

    what kind of chipmunks burough in the ground? are you sure the are not moles or gophers...
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    Re: Chipmunk tunnels

    I wouldn't be surprised if the foam buldges the pool. When I use the spray foam, I find it very difficult to get it to go where I want it to if the target area is not easily accessible. That stuff gets messy in a hurry.
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    Re: Chipmunk tunnels

    I have never heard of this done and would be interested to see if it works.
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    Re: Chipmunk tunnels

    When we were about to get our agp installed, the installer saw the gopher mounds in the spot that we wanted the pool. He refused to install the pool. Not because he was a bad guy but he stated this. If there is one gopher now there will be others in the future. I will not install and possibly in 6 months you will have a network of tunnels under the pool that will make your liner sag and possibly tear. He said that he has tried many different methods to try to fix tunneling under a liner in the past and he was never satisfied with the results. So now he refuses. The only way he would install the pool is if we buried it at last 18 inches below the lowest grade on our lawn. He said gophers only go between 6 and 12 inches below ground so if they were still present they wound hit the wall and turn around. So we buried the pool about 3.5 feet.

    I know this doesn't solve your problem. But we spent extra and buried ours to avoid this problem. I say try to get the max life out of your liner now but don't spend more on a possible remedy than a new liner. That way the next time you replace your liner you can partially bury your pool or put a surface down on the bottom that the critters cant get through.
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