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Thread: Newb questions on pool surfaces and circulation

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    Newb questions on pool surfaces and circulation

    FYI...I split this post into two sections and reposted them to the more appropriate sub-forums.

    I recently decided that rather than continue to pay a poolguy to service my pool, I would take the time to read up on and understand whatwas actually going on in that mysterious container of green-blue water in mybackyard. Therefore, after reading quitea bit around the forum, I bought a test kit and started working on turning thegreen-blue into something that was at least clear a lot less green. I startedthe SLAM last Friday, and based on the numbers and the look of the water I thinkI should be at the "magical 3" in the next couple of days. Along the way, I started to understand alittle bit about not only the balance side of the pool, but also some about thehardware...and that is where I ran into my latest two questions.

    When I first bought this house (and pool) about three yearsago, I asked the pool service guy whether I needed to think about replasteringthe pool, as it was looking pretty concrety to me. He told me that I had at least twoor three years before I needed to start thinking about that, and he being the expert, I dropped the idea into the "checkback in three years" bin. Now thatthe water is clearing out, it is obvious that there is not so much plaster asthere is concrete in my pool. Asdraining and repainting will not be an option around here until this winter (water table height and risk ofpop-out), I am wondering what I need to be aware of relative to effects onchemistry and mitigating any damage to the concrete until I get a chance tohave it replastered. The remaining coating looks like it had a fine pebble in it...if that matters.
    My second question is about the circulation system. As I look at my pool's circulation system, I see what I believe tobe the skimmer, a side-suction port (where the hose for the automatic cleanerattaches), and two main drains. I currently have excellent suction on theside-suction port, with a bit less on the skimmer drain, and no detectable suction onthe main drains. While I can increase /decrease the suction on the side-port and skimmer by adjusting the handles, I have yet to figure out acombination that brings the main drains in to draw anything. As I wouldlike to get the mains involved in clearing out the SLAM, I thought Iwould see if anyone might have some pointers.

    I’m attaching a couple of pictures in case that will help in understanding my set up.
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    Re: Newb questions on pool surfaces and circulation

    Wade, I suspect that when it comes to your pool surfaces, all you can do right now is buy some time by keeping your water balanced. There is no magical chemistry that I'm aware of that will prolong your pool surface once it starts deteriorating. Just continue to use the TFPC methods and when it's time - it's time.

    As for your plumbing, you and I have similar filters. Anyways, you appear to have 3 lines coming-up from the ground on the suction (left) side. So you have TWO main drains and one skimmer correct? Well, the 3 (left) pipes coming up from the ground are from the main drains and skimmer. I'm guessing the valve on the far left is for your skimmer since there's just one pipe coming-up from the ground to it. It appears to be open which explains why your skimmer is working. The valve right next to that has two pipes coming-up from the ground, so I'm assuming that's from your main drains. It appears to be closed - at least for one drain. From there, everything joins and goes into your pump basket and pump, then into your filter. After the filter, water goes into your in-line chlorinator (which should be empty) , then flows to the valve on the far right. You appear to have two options of water flow OUT, one to return jets, the other perhaps to a spa or water feature. The small spigot on the bottom of your Hayward filter housing is simply to drain excess water if needed or clean-out debris.

    Does that help?
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    Re: Newb questions on pool surfaces and circulation

    From forum rules and etiqutte....
    Keep your posts under one thread as much as possible. Even though your questions may change, keeping your old posts together with the new questions helps everyone understand all the background information they need to give you a good answer. It also prevents you from having to answer the same information more than once.
    Dave S.
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