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Thread: Any way to remove copper safely?

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    Any way to remove copper safely?

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    Hope Im not out of line jumping on the end of this thread with my problem.

    My pool is 6 yrs old. When we had it installed we went for the SWG. No problems whatsoever the first 2 seasons. CYA 0 and fc between .5-1.5ppm. Got black algae bloom season 3 (pool was 2 yrs. old). Put 5lbs of 99% diclor and brushed like crazy, and it went away, for about a year. Of course the salt cell went out a week after warranty was out (Don't ever try to file a warranty claim with Hayward.), and the black algae came back. Treated with algatrine, and it didn't do a thing. Scrubbed and shocked...worked better. Replaced cell following spring, and really no problems. Still some black algae every now and then, but would just superchlorinate for 48 hrs and scrub. Last year control board went out (Again, less than one month after warranty expiration.) Started using stabilized chlorine. Got my cya way to high, and the black algae would not go away. This spring I decided to start using bleach. Worked great! Shocked and scrubbed the pool, and the black algae was manageable for a while. I believed the "experts" and kept fc between 1.5-3ppm, and of course, when it got hot (pool temp 87-90F), the black algae bloomed like crazy. We were about to go on vacation for a week, and had no one to take care of the pool, I shocked and brushed the heck out of it again the morning before we left. Again, success! That lasted about a week. Pool temp is 90F, and I think I could sit and watch it grow.

    Anyway, my wife encouraged me to ask an expert (Leslie's). They tested my water, and all was fine except fc was 1ppm. So they sent me home with oxygen sanitizer, algaecide and shock, and told me I could swim in four hours. I put the algaecide in, and immediately remembered why I swore I would never do that again-I had forgotten. The smell and the foam around my waterfall were instant reminders.

    So, here's my question. When can I really get in the pool, and is there anyway to get the copper out of the pool safely? (I don't want to drain it near anything green.)

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    Re: Any way to remove copper safely?

    There is a product called CU-later that has shown some success removing copper from the water.
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