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Thread: My pool is green and levels are all ok

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    My pool is green and levels are all ok

    Went to the pool store had my water tested they said it had phosphates 1000. Ok they said get phosfree which they did not have. So went to another pool store and they said that the phosphate count could be a false reading because of algae. Said need 4 bags shock for 27x54 pool also algaecide with copper in it. Ok did that twice pool is still green as green can be. What next? Empty and start over?

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    Re: My pool is green and levels are all ok

    Hello and welcome to TFP! Unfortunately, you've been "pool stored" like the rest of us. Let's cut to the chase:
    - Phosphates mean nothing to us really, and those "bags-o-shock" can destroy your water chemistry
    - You MUST take charge of your pool! Start by getting the right test kit. Review these: and Pool School - Test Kits Compared
    - Do NOT put anything else in your water except for regular liquid bleach. It's safe, cheap, and has next to no side-effects.
    - We really don't know your test levels (pool stores are notoriously wrong), so until you receive your own kit, just add about 1/2 gallon of bleach to the water each evening.
    - Be familiar with the following:
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
    Poolmath calculator
    Pool School - Recommended Levels
    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

    When you get your test kit, you will need to "SLAM" per Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    Stick with this TFP guidance and you will have great water, but it al starts with the right test kit. Nice to have you with us!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, please add your pool info to your signature by going to the top of the TFP web page (just under the Pool School button) and select "SETTINGS". On the next page look to the left for a menu bar that says, “MY SETTINGS” and go to "EDIT SIGNATURE" to enter your pool and equipment info there. It will help us later.
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    Re: My pool is green and levels are all ok

    Welcome to TFP!

    Before we begin, can you edit your location to provide the state or province you are in? North Ridgeville doesn't give us much to go on - could be in Alaska, Florida, or anywhere in-between. Also, please provide more information on your pool which you can do here: Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post. A pool listed at 27x54 can be interpreted in several ways...Is it 27 feet by 54 feet - oval or rectangular, 27 feet round x 54 inches deep, etc.

    Sounds like you were what we call "Pool-Stored". All you need to clear up your pool is chlorine and chlorine alone. Phosphates are a non-issue and and all Phosfree will do is clear out your wallet. And you do not want to use anything with copper in it - that will clear out your wallet and add metals to the pool which can cause other problems such as metal staining and green hair.

    You need to follow the SLAM process using plain, unscented liquid bleach (w/o thickeners) for chlorine. Stock up on it - you will need a lot.
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    A good test kit is an investment, not an expense.

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    Re: My pool is green and levels are all ok

    Hello and welcome rbts, I see you've already met part of the famous Texas branch of TFP

    Take it from a new guy around here, EVERYTHING they will tell you is spot on.

    It's like giving up an addiction, forget the pool store and all the magic potions they sell. The most dangerous part of pool stores is their TESTING, that's why we say get a GOOD test kit. As you can see from my sig, I honestly believe the best bang for your buck is the TF100, and if your going to be SLAMing (which is where your headed) you should consider the XL option.

    At first it may seem overwhelming, but it's really not, it will get easier I promise. These folks will guide you step by step the whole way and us TFP expert wanna be's will be watching right along with you.

    So read up and get ready to learn how easy it is to OWN and MANAGE your pool YOURSELF
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    Re: My pool is green and levels are all ok

    It's interesting that they told you that you had phosphates, but nothing to sell you to get rid of them. The free test is typically the tip of the chisel to sell you something. Sort of a bait and switch...

    In which state is North Ridgeville? Sometimes people in your area have already scouted places to get high concentrate liquid chlorine inexpensively. Check out Bleach Prices 2015
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    Re: My pool is green and levels are all ok

    Thankyou for your comments i will be looking to get my own test kit. Im in Ohio.

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