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Thread: Slam - need help!

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    Slam - need help!

    Ok, so we started slamming about a week and a half ago because of what looked like algae growing on the sides/bottom of the pool. Looks like a copper/light sand color...pool was a yellowish tint. Not a terrible case of it I we started our slam. I dosed the pool with acid to bring the ph into range first, then we brought chlorine to a 21 (CYA was 53)...We have been doing this about a week and a half. Dosing the pool with chlorine back up to slam level at least twice a day. We haven't brushed the pool every single day but we have tried to stay on top of it. Last night we passed the OCLT test, and then tonight saw another shadowing of the same algae stuff as before we started the SLAM. Not sure if we're dealing with mustard alagae?? Or did we do something wrong with the slam?? Was hoping to swim soon.

    Also, last week we found the culprit of the algae - inside our pool ladder. Half of the ladder sits permanently inside the pool and has a few holes in it, but we're thinking the circulation is not getting enough chlorine inside?? Not sure how long the ladder has been growing algae inside...but it was gross when we finally pulled it out. Figured it wouldn't take long to finish SLAMMING after that was out....but here we are again.... Anyone else have problems with their pool ladder? Also this whole problem started because our FC level dropped too low - it was a 1 the day we found the "algae" in the pool...on the sides and bottom...if that's what it was... We have an SWG and we weren't letting it run long enough during the conserve electricity with the pool pump running. Obviously that wasn't worth it!

    Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
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    Re: Slam - need help!

    Okay, no problem. A few thoughts:
    - You may have SLAMmed before, but if you still see algae, it's time to SLAM again.
    - When you did your OLCT, did you turn-off the SWG?
    - Ladder - yes! Algae homes quite often. Same with lights, etc. Good you found it.
    - While your CYA was 53, that's too low for your SWG. Recommended range for a SWG system is 70-80. So after your SLAM, you should raise it right away to protect the FC your system is generating.
    - Once you complete the SLAM again, you can do the mustard algae treatment which is nothing more than raising your FC SLAM level higher for 24 hours. You can find your mustard algae increase level at the bottom of the Poolmath calculator (2nd to last row in blue).

    Start with these things and let us know if you have any more questions. Good luck!

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    Remember during a SLAM, turn-off your SWG and use only regular liquid bleach. It's easier to gauge and will save some life on your SWG.
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    Re: Slam - need help!

    With a CYA of 53, your target shock level for the SLAM is around 20ish, so you probably want to overshoot this by a bit so as to not let it fall below this level.
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    Re: Slam - need help!

    You can swim while you slam if your water is clear. Just keep your FC a couple PPM below shock level. We swam every day for a week and a half while slamming. It is safe swim up to shock level for your CYA. Much easier and cooler to brush your pool when in it!
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