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Thread: Spa pump going off before Pool in combo pool/spa system

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    Spa pump going off before Pool in combo pool/spa system

    New pool owner, probably lots of ignorance baked into the question. Combo pool and spa system, Hayward pump w/ Jandy valves (forgive if misusing lingo and correct me if its a key mistake), generally when I turn the pump system on, water begins shooting out of the jet holes in both the pool and the spa---its a system where the spa is elevated and that makes an overflow that falls into main pool.

    Usually run about 3 hours a day.

    Past couple of days running it a lot longer than that, trying to get rid of some algae. And after a certain time, the SPA portion only of the jets stop working. If we just full on turn on the spa, the jets begin working again (at much higher pressure/amount of water than the normal pump flow).

    If we turn off the entire pump system then turn it on, the spa turns on with pool as normal, but again after some amount of time, seemingly 60-90 min tho can't keep eye on it every second, the spa portion again stops having water pouring out of the jet holes while the pool pump and filter still working.

    Is this intentional? If not, what might be a likely troubleshoot? If my lack of understanding of how the system works makes my explanation incomprehensible, I'll try to clarify if anyone thinks they might have an idea.

    Thanks for any leads,

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    Re: Spa pump going off before Pool in combo pool/spa system

    Welcome to TFP Brian. Lets bump your thread to see if we can get someone to help you.

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    Re: Spa pump going off before Pool in combo pool/spa system

    Is your system automated? My pool operates just like what you describe. I wonder if one of your automated valves is not working or closing after 60-90 minutes as you describe. It would help us help you if you would include your equipment and setup in your sig. A pic of your equipment might help also.
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    Re: Spa pump going off before Pool in combo pool/spa system

    Sounds like some sort of automation problem or a check valve that has failed.
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