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Thread: New pool surface, River Rok. Think my pool equipment is oversized

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    New pool surface, River Rok. Think my pool equipment is oversized

    Hello, learned alot from this site. We bought house last year, first time owning a pool. I thought I saw on this site somewhere a calculator to help you determine equipment size that is best for your situation??

    I have a 20,000 gallon chlorine pool.
    Just had new River Rok, Lucayan Blue surface done. So far water chemistry and plaster dust, etc, all doing well, did not do high acid, they exposed prior to fill, and letting alkalinity come down slow. Just added CL today after 3 days.


    20,000 gallons.
    60 sq ft DE pentair FLS plus filter
    pentair 2HP superflo pump
    Jandy 200BTU tank of a heater/nat gas

    Just a family of 3, wife, me and son. Rarely tons of swimmers.
    In Houston, 95+ days normal all summer.

    My skimmer bulkhead distances combined are about 70 ft. Main drain, 30 feet.
    Built in Hot Tub, with typical 5 or 6 jets with twin opening each.
    NO water feature.

    Use an aquatbot cleaner, but do have setup for a Polaris (just never worked right, drove on two wheels never hugged surface even after 4 rebuilds of all internals, new wall fitting, new back up valve, new junctions on lines). Has polaris booster pump. But again, that not in use now.

    It seems to take forever for filter to climb in pressure. Actually first time I ever saw it climb 10 pounds was day turned on after replaster.

    I'm sure 100+ more bucks goes to that pump monthly, I run it 8-9 hrs per rule of one hour per 10 degrees of heat outside?

    Looking at buying nice variable speed, filter is not that old, I just put new grids, manifold, multiport, etc due to previous owner lack of care. So if a 60 inch is ok for my size, and can use smaller pump, like to stay with that. But do not mind buying the actual RIGHT set up for my size.

    Pool stays sparkling. I mean blinding sparkling. Even when we had algae spots on all worn plaster etching, water was still crystal clear sparkly. Chemistry stays pretty normal without much effort, we have a weird shade set up. Half of pool in sun all day. One side in morning, one side later. Pool in a courtyard outside, surround by our house on all sides and driveway on other, like a horseshoe. Tall pines, oaks, building give shade and wind barrier alot.
    So would say pool water colder than most in Houston during summer.

    Any tips on good setup would be appreciated, or a link to that calculator. I'm sure I am an idiot, but looked all over and cannot find it.


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    Re: New pool surface, River Rok. Think my pool equipment is oversized

    If you want to run the jets in your spa you will need some power in your pump. You can either go with a variable speed and kick it into high when using the spa, or manually vacuuming or you can get a two speed pump which will be far less expensive to purchase and will cost around the same to run on low speed. If you can close off valves to direct most of the return flow to the spa when it is in use you could probably get away with a 1/1.5 hp two speed pump.

    A big filter is a good thing. As long as you are happy with the filtration and it is in good condition I wouldn't change it.
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