I am new to the forum and just starting on revamping the pool on a home recently purchased. Currently working on pump replacement and of course the control system as well. New pump is a Pentair VS 3 HP and the controller is a Jandy RS6 with a version G chip. I think it was new in the late 1990's.
I am seeking other views on either keeping this system and install the Intellicom Module for the Pentair VS pump in the existing Power Center or upgrading to a current Jandy PC board that can handle the Pentair pump directly.
Does anyone have any lessons learned on using Intellicom over upgrading to the newest Jandy board and chip. i think the only way to make it work today is to hook the 230V pump directly to the power and program the VS control on the pump but then I am lost as to how to have the pump work at different rpm for various equipment without doing a lot of relay re-wiring at the power center.
I have a heater, booster pump, slide/water fall pump, air blower as the loads on the power center. Pool is 32,000 gal pool with spa.