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Thread: Adding a portable spa to an existing above ground pool system

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    Adding a portable spa to an existing above ground pool system

    New to the forum here but have already gained alot of knowledge from the site. A big thank you to those that support and ad their experience to the uneducated masses.... ( Like me )

    So here's my crazy idea:

    Add a portable ( dimension one ) spa to my existing 9' X 19' Above ground ( Secard ) pool.
    The pool has a Clear Water 2 100cfm cartridge type filter system with a 1hp pump, Which does a good job on the 6000 gal above ground pool but, is only 110v.

    The Spa is as stated a 350 Gal Dimension One Spa .

    Other equipment I have on hand:

    miniMax NT 400k pool Heater
    Sta-Rite S7M120 300sq ft filtration area filter.
    Jacuzzi ( AO Smith ) 2.0 hp pump
    220v already Wired to pump area ( for the spa)

    So the idea is to hook all of this up together, so as to make it :
    A) Easier to heat spa in short amount of time
    B) easier to maintain water chemistry.

    I have attached a basic plumbing schematic below to give a general idea of what I am trying to do.

    So here are my questions... (and I did search for similar projects on this forum so if I missed one that explains the ins and outs of doing this I apologize.)

    Is this feasible? will the spa work ( be able to drain as fast as the jets fill it ) connected to the pool via plumbing versus a spillway?
    Are there some obvious pitfalls I am over looking?

    Should I just keep the Clear Water 110v system and ad a heater?

    Hoping that this is doable and plan on sharing via pictures etc my progress.

    Any constructive thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Adding a portable spa to an existing above ground pool system

    Rednecky, I'm not likely qualified to comment on your scheme, but I just want to welcome you to the forum and give your post a boost in the hopes that someone more mechanically minded will see it

    I also have a few naive and possibly geography-related comments to share about your concept

    I have an inground pool and a nearby jacuzzi hot tub. I keep my pool between 88-90 in season, and my hot tub at 104, with a cover on at all times to retain the heat. I love the combo.

    With your setup, is there actually an advantage to connecting the two? Once a hot tub is up to "heat" -- the way to keep it there is to keep the cover on it and let the circ pump, which runs it through the heater, do its job -- at least in my world

    This seems simper to me than connecting two systems that have different needs and different filtration demands. Bu maybe I'm all wet...
    In ground vinyl Grecian, 24k gal, Hayward 220t sand filter, VGreen VSP 165, Hayward SWG, Raypak NG 265k heater, dolphin m4.
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