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Thread: How much foam needed under a 32'x16' intex ultra frame

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    How much foam needed under a 32'x16' intex ultra frame

    Split from Foam under intex ultra frame Zea3

    Quote Originally Posted by clc1076 View Post
    I just purchased and installed the Intex 32'x16'x52" AGP and did so on top of 4'x8'x1-1/2" extruded polystyrene sheets. Long story short I love the feel and recommend doing this but the legs do dig into the foam a bit and if over time this proves to be unstable, I may have to drain the pool and put 1-1/2" concrete pavers into place. If you're going to use the foam as a foundation I recommend you place the concrete pavers or wood boards down for the legs day 1.


    just wondering where did you get the 4'x8'x1-1/2" extruded polystyrene sheets ? home depot or lowes? and how many sheets did you buy?
    I got a similar pool Intex 32'x16'x52" - rectangle shape and just wondering how many sheet i need?
    Do u put a polystyrene sheets first, then the tarp and then the pool?

    I have dead grass on my ground and was wondering if i should just add polystyrene sheets first on top of my grass?
    Sand was a bit pricey so just wondering if this route will work?

    I did get a gorilla pad as well so no sure if i need the polystyrene sheets. it is my first pool so any suggestion will be appreciated :- )

    thanks again for your help :- )

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    Re: How much foam needed under a 32'x16' intex ultra frame

    Do not place directly on the grass, you need to take off the layer of grass, and then level the ground and put pavers where your support legs are. Then put the tarp or gorilla pad down, and the foam over that, then the pool.

    a 16 x 32 pool should take 16 pc of 4x8 sheets. HD and Lowes sell them foam sheets.
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    Re: How much foam needed under a 32'x16' intex ultra frame

    I could not find the right foam at Lowes, I went to home depot 1/2" x 4' x 9' pink polystyrene. To figure our how much I needed I drew a floor plan of the pool on a large dry erase board 1 " = 1 '. I then took paper towels and made a 4" x 9" piece to represent the foam boards. i made a whole bunch and then when I found a placement I liked I counted. It helped having the drawing there on install day so i knew where to put the foam boards. I think I used 11 on an 18 ft diameter round pool. I extended the foam 12" beyond the bottom pool rail. I put the foam over a large old carpet and cement patio blocks. The blocks were under each vertical post BUT I couldn't see where the patio blocks were and a few were off. I had to go back and poked long thin nails to try to feel where the patio blocks were. I went back and poured a cement pad next to the verticals at the edge of the patio block. The foam feels great.
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