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Thread: When to take over

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    When to take over

    Just started construction on our pool on Monday, rained for the last two days, shouldn't complain about rain in late July so I am not.

    I know there is a period of time when the they first finish a pool that the builder will maintain it for a specific time (with mine I think a month) after that would it be advisable to go ahead and start the BBB method at that point. I will have the Taylor 100 test kit, appropriate and approved chemicals. Any special consideration the first few months.

    I have read and re-read the getting started, basic chem, advance chem and been trolling for a year, can't wait to get started, but wanted to make sure there is nothing else need in the start up period.

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    Re: When to take over

    Mine was 1 time. After that, I wss on my own.
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    Re: When to take over

    Kevin that is something you need to go over with your PB to make sure you do what HE says you need to cover your warranty! THAT trumps all!

    Now on that note here is a link for you.

    Pool School - Start-up New Plaster

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    Re: When to take over

    my guy pretty much told me "you better hire someone to take care of this" - gave me some pointers and left. he DID come back a couple times to answer questions when i had them, so it wasnt TOTAL abandonment, but just about! my parents on the other hand had the PB suggest a friend (optional) to take care of the pool but they ended up finding someone else. my guy didnt even WANT to suggest someone (liability im sure).
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    Re: When to take over

    I took control of our pool before it was finished due to mud intrusion. Our PB only knew what to do to start a pool bit not what to do to rescue one. Our PB was very cooperative in letting us do what we needed...they learned too.
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    Re: When to take over

    Take it over as soon as they will let you if they are managing startup and early treatment. If they are doin early/initial treatment, get them to tell you what they will bring various levels too. Particularly Cya. Follow up behind them with your kit to see what they do. Trust, but verify.
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    Re: When to take over

    It would be good to find out what the PB is going to add to your pool so you know how to properly take over. If he's going to add any magic potions like algaecides or calcium scale reducers, I would question that and ask if he would be willing to forgo those things.

    As for taking over, you are going to be in a "fresh plaster" situation and so you would be advised to try to follow a carbonate startup approach where you maintain a high pH and high TA while the plaster in the PebbleTek is curing. This will give you the best plaster cure. Because the plaster is curing, your pH rise is going to dominate everything so you'll be spending a lot of time adding acid and trying to maintain your FC level.

    But first things first, I would try to nail down what the PB is going to do.
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