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Thread: Other Peoples Pools (LONG)

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    Other Peoples Pools (LONG)

    We that do the TFPC know our pools are perfectly safe to swim in which gives up piece of mind, do you find it hard to swim in other pools when you know they don't use TFPC method or that you could almost guarantee there is little to no FC?

    The family and I just got back from vacation. We spend couple days with my wifes aunts in St Augustine, FL. She has a beautiful pool, Solar Heating Panels, Gas Heat, LED Lights, Water Fails, Etc, and the coolest thing is that everything is control by a small remote control. You can turn anything on or off by the remote. She mentioned to me that they had a problem keeping chlorine levels in the pool. So of course I got to talking to her about it and she knew some of the system but not everything due to them having a pool guy that takes care of it once a week. She mentioned they had some friends and there dogs over for the weekend about a week ago. So basically there was 4 adults and 4 lab sized dogs that swam in the pool. I asked what kind of chlorinator she had. She said it uses a tiny tablet along with some sort of UV light and oxygenator and the pool guy normally targets 4ppm. I noticed a bucket of Sodium Bromide next to the pool and didn't know what it was. She said the pool guy had them dump almost the entire 25lb bucket in the pool to "fix" it. She said the pool guy came after and the FC was in the 40s, the next day was in the low teens, the third day was mid single digits and the fourth day had none. She had a test kit she never used before so I tested it. The pH was low, it was dark so getting a actuate reading was hard but it was some where around 5. Since it was so hard to see I decided not to test the rest until the next day. Retested everything the kit would allow and pH now was closer to 6, CH was good, FC was between 3-4, CC was a 0 and TA was 80.

    At this point since I had no way of testing CYA(kicking myself for not bringing my TF-100) I was assuming that the tablets had raised the CYA to off the charts and lowered the pH. But im still not sure what the Bromide and how it affects things. And she said it only used a small tablet like once a week. She brought out a paper that the pool guy gives her which didn't tell me much because there weren't anything numbers only good, low, high listed.

    CYA was marked HIGH, he comes on Thursdays so im going to see if she can ask the pool guy what the actual valve you is.

    Any ideas? Im curious what the UV Oxygenator thingy is that I never heard of of here before. I asked why she didn't do salt water and she said that the builder said he would warranty the pool for much longer if she didn't do salt so that's why she is using this system.

    Of course we still swam, because well, we were on vacation but I was hesitant!

    Side Note:
    After we left the wifes aunts house we drove down to Disney World for a few days. I couldn't help but laugh, I was walking along side the Disney Hotel pool and I hear a kid say " Mommy Why Does The Water Taste So Bad?" I literally laughed out loud. The moms comment of "Where Are You Drinking It?" was even funnier!

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    Re: Other Peoples Pools (LONG)

    Quote Originally Posted by Z7What View Post
    ... do you find it hard to swim in other pools when you know they don't use TFPC method or that you could almost guarantee there is little to no FC?

    Oh, yeah.... big time. It wasn't long ago we were invited to a party where the pool looked way too much like skim milk, for us....

    The most difficult part is trying to tactfully decline the offer of a swim, when nearly everybody else is taking a milk bath....

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    Re: Other Peoples Pools (LONG)

    My wife says (with pride) that I am a pool snob. Neither of us will swim in anything other than our pool for the most part. Our kids are a little less discerning, but we refuse to let them swim in something dangerous. 2 of my wife's sisters have pools and I am not getting into either of them, and she agrees.

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    Re: Other Peoples Pools (LONG)

    At the end of the day, Your wife's aunt does not have a TFP. She has a bromine pool and is at the whim of her pool maintenance company. Enter Sodium Bromide in the search function at the top of the page. Chem Geek chimes in on a thread that is a few years old.
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