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Thread: Old Pool to TFP and a New Pool Finish

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    Old Pool to TFP and a New Pool Finish

    Our marcite pool lasted form 1995 to 2015 with few problems. After testing weekly for years I resorted to "feel" and the occasional trip to the pool store (PAP) here in Florida to let them do the check. Over the years about the only "problem" we had was the occasional flare up of algae when chlorine got too low. CYA obviously was through the roof as the good old Hayward chlorinator was fed a steady diet of tabs.

    About 3 weeks ago we had the pool refinished (I believe they called it a "quartz" finish). Smaller aggregate than the "pebble" finish. We like it because you get some color without darkening the finish. Here in SW Florida darker finishes simply seem to heat up the water.

    So the pool refinisher left instructions only to keep PH between 7.4-7.6 and left a lot of acid to keep PH under control. Also stressed keeping TA not to exceed 70ppm for the first 2 weeks. 1 bottle of "The Blue Stuff" sequesterant, Calcium Hypochlorite (90) for sanitation and regular brushing. Used "city" water to refill pool. Only "problems" were the speed with which the Cal Hypo would disappear and the water clouded.

    We've used Aquachek test strips until today to monitor. Started this morning with K2006 and here are our initial readings;

    FC: 3
    CC: .5
    PH: 7.6
    TA: 50
    CH: 280-300
    CYA: <35 (some residual tab may have been in chlorinator when pool restarted by resurfacer)
    SI: <.05>

    Switching liquid chlorine and plan to study the BBB method here. Plan to give away chlorine tabs (for beer hopefully)

    Time to add 20 Mule Team? How much?



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    Re: Old Pool to TFP and a New Pool Finish

    Welcome to TFP!

    You want to use Pool Math to calculate all chemical additions.

    Why do you want to add 20 Mule Team? That will raise your pH, which with a new finish you don't need. To bring the TA up you want plain old baking soda, Walmart has it in really big bags for less than the pool store. Check out this article in Pool School. Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

    Keep the tabs, don't give them away. You can use that chlorinator when you go on vacation. Our methods are not against using them, just controlled use of them or any other chemical. Understand what you are putting in the water and why.

    Ask lots of questions, we like questions and photos.
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    Re: Old Pool to TFP and a New Pool Finish

    hey Randy, and hello from a fellow Sarasota-er!! your PH and TA look great, nothing needed on that.

    I would get your CYA up a little bit higher. you can keep using the tabs to do that gradually. just need to keep checking CYA and when it hits 50 pull them out and use only chlorine. for CYA, don't interpolate between the numbers. so for you, go with 40 for your CYA and dose according to that. you need to add more ASAP. with CYA of 40, your FC should be at 5. and never let it go below 3.

    unlike most people on here, well, we don't have to buy bleach from the store that's the ONLY reason to go to the pool store. I go to Leslies and can get a 2.5 gallon jug refill for about $4 or less of 10% chlorine. that's the way to go. you have to pay I think $6 for the jug deposit.

    really your numbers look great! no need to change anything other than keeping your FC up
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