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Thread: Test kit arrived and I have 0 CYA

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    Test kit arrived and I have 0 CYA

    I finally got my test kit (TF-100 from and my CYA tested 0. The test bottle was clear both times (I tried it twice).
    I had added 4 pounds of conditioner a month or so ago while my pump was broken but didn't know about putting it in a sock. I had just tossed it into the pool and with no circulation I'm guessing it sank to the bottom until I vacuumed it up when I got the pump working.

    I just put 4 more pounds into panty hose and set it near the return. Pool math said I need closer to 6 pounds for 30 ppm but I had another 4 pound condition jug sitting around.

    My other numbers are:
    FC .5ppm (it was hot today and my 2 jugs of 8.25% must have burned off with no CYA )
    CC 1ppm
    PH 7.2
    CYA 0
    TA 100

    My pool is guestimated at 27,500 gal so 4 pounds should be how much CYA? Should I dump another 2 pounds in tomorrow and then start my slam using 30?

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    Re: Test kit arrived and I have 0 CYA

    Is there any chance you back washed out any of the initial dose you added a month ago? If not, perhaps it degraded or was consumed while (if) the pool remained green. If you think it might be a little larger, it wouldn't hurt to add the other 2lb and SLAM for 40 Cya. If it were me, I'd want to get SLAMMING ASAP to enjoy what's left of the summer swim time. If you would please, add your state in your profile with Lakewood. Is that Florida just curiously?
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    Re: Test kit arrived and I have 0 CYA

    I'm curious, how long have you had the pump back up and running. Normally when you add stabilizer by the sock method, it usually takes a week to fully register. If you just got the pump back up and running in the last day or two, the dose you poured in before may not have had time to "mix" in. If it's been a week or more, I would agree with what Patrick said, maybe you backwashed it out before it could mix in.

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    Re: Test kit arrived and I have 0 CYA

    BTW, you said you tested CYA twice. I hope you used the same mixture for both tests rather than making a new batch. If that doesn't make sense, ask. I don't want to preach to the choir!

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