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Thread: TF 100 test kit on the way...prep questions...

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    TF 100 test kit on the way...prep questions...

    I just ordered my TF100 test kit for our 12K gal IG pool. We live in Texas, about 1.5 hours north/NW of Houston, in College Station. We purchased the house with the pool. We have never had any issues with water clarity, algae, etc. Water has always been crystal clear. The plaster does have some tanish-colored stains. I use tabs in a chlorinator that is downstream of the pump and filter (DE filter, by the way).

    BUT, when I use a simple test kit or strips, it has always shown very high Chlorine levels (as in, the test sample is almost orange in color, as opposed to a shade of yellow) and very high PH (8+). I have taken a water sample to pool stores and been told I have excessively high stabilizer (like around 150). I am thinking that I will have to drain some fraction of the water out to rebalance things. The first thing I will do with my test kit is test the city's water - I want to know a reference point for what I will be putting back in the pool. I suspect some of the chlorine is coming from the city water I use to top off the pool. Then, I will be using the BBB method to rebalance things.

    A couple of questions I have:
    1) Do chlorine tabs have CYA stabilizer in them? I have 3" tablets , tri-chloro s triaz-something or other. I don't know the source of the high CYA, unless its in the tabs. I returned an entire tub of stabilizer that the previous owner left here. I also returned a tub of shock chlorine "pellets" or powder, and a tub of ALKALINE INCREASER for my chronic HIGH PH pool! If anyone ever doubts the pool stores are full of it, well...
    2) Does store-bought liquid bleach indicate what the concentration is? The stuff I have in my laundry room right now says nothing as to concentration. I see from this site that 5% or 6%+ is recommended.
    3) Are there any recommendations for brands that are a sure thing for what's needed in the pool?
    4) IF I ever needed to add CYA, what do I buy that needs to be put in the pool.

    Hope you guys can help. Thanks.
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    Re: TF 100 test kit on the way...prep questions...

    1) Yes, tabs contain CYA. Over time tabs raise the CYA level till it is too high. That is why we don't usually recommend tabs.

    2) Most of the better brands of bleach will have the percentage listed somewhere. Some of the cheaper house brands don't list the percentage and often turn out to have a very low percentage.

    3) No one brand does it all, and some of the better choices aren't available everywhere.

    4) CYA is often sold as stabilizer or conditioner. You want cyanuric acid, which should be listed on the ingredients list. If your CYA is high right now, you probably won't need any till next year.
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