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Thread: New Here and looking for opinions

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    New Here and looking for opinions

    I live in Burlington Ontario Canada.

    We have been fighting what we believe is dead algae. I believe we still have active algae somewhere, because even if we vacuum the dead agae to waste and day or so later it is back. When we notice it most, is after we shock the pool with a typical bag of shock from Walmart. Below I have listed a little bit about our system and size as well as a test result from our local (pool shop).

    Inground pool 47696 l/ 10,494 gal (imp) Vinyl liner
    Salt system Zodiac clearwater
    Hayward pump and sand filter

    reading as of today we put a bag of shock in last night and the system ran all night. The water is clear with some tan/brown substance on the bottom.

    FC 7.03 PPM
    TC 7.46
    CC .43
    PH 7.9
    Hardness 200
    Alk 94
    Cyanuric Acid 37
    Copper 0.1
    Iron 0
    Salt 2900

    Pool is sitting around 80 F

    We have done the shock then algaecide.

    Other than the obvious question which is how can I get this so we are on a maintenance schedule as opposed to algae fight schedule?

    ?? Can I vacuum to the filter then back wash? All we seem to be doing is vacuuming, filling the pool, find the dead algae, then vacuum again to waste?
    ?? We have scrubbed every part we can get our hands on. I did use a sand filter cleaner earlier in the year, and sand was replaced last year. Could the live algae be in the sand filter?

    Any help or thoughts will be appreciated.

    Cheers, Ted

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    Re: New Here and looking for opinions

    Welcome to the forum.. You should start the SLAM process as outlined in Pool School. Yes, you can vacuum to filter then backwash. Backwash whenever your pressure rises 25% over it's normal clean pressure. Algae can not live in a filter------no light.
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    Re: New Here and looking for opinions

    Welcome to TFP!

    The reason you keep having more is because it is still growing and you are killing some of it every day but you aren't killing all of it. Definitely need to follow the Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain process to kill all the algae once and for all.

    Also, I recommend you stop using algaecide, it is adding copper to your pool, there is enough copper in your pool now to cause copper staining and green hair. More here on that, Pool School - Metals in the Water and Metal Stains

    Here is some info on updating your signature with your pool info, Pool School - Getting Started

    Those look like pool store test results. We are not big fans of pool store test results, they are often inaccurate. In CA ethe only good test kit that is available is the K-2006, which unfortunately is not cheap. But, it will give you accurate test results and keep you out of the pool store.

    Here is an intro to what we teach, Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
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