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Thread: New Pool owner...and pool has turned cloudy and beginning to turn green in the deep e

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    New Pool owner...and pool has turned cloudy and beginning to turn green in the deep e

    Hello and thank you in advance for such a wonderful community and helpful site. I am new here and a new pool owner.

    We have owned our new home for about 3 weeks and the pool has been fine. However, the weather here in PA has not been hot and humid like it recently started to be in the past 4 or 5 days. Since the weather changed from rainy to hot, I have had a progressive decline in my quality of water (at least by the looks of things). My chemicals are reading fine, but about 3 days ago I noticed that in the deep end, the water was cloudy. Now, today, the entire pool looks cloudy and it looks like the deep end is beginning to green. I'm freaking out a little because I have a feeling that once it turns green it is a whole heck of a lot harder to normalize things. I was only running the filter for about 4 or 5 hours a day when it was cool and rainy because we weren't using it. I even forgot to turn it on one day. Now, I have the filter/pump running on the timer and have it on for a good 8 hours of the day. I shocked it before all of this happened and the water was beautiful for the three weeks. I feel like this is something with my filter because the pressure is up at 40. (I don't know where it should be but that seems high and I feel like the pressure of the water coming out of the water return is not forceful. So, I read the filter where it stated how to 'regenerate' and clean the filter and followed the directions of both. There is a lot of debris in the pump and I thought cleaning it by following the directions of opening the vent and drain valve would help, but it is still there...I can see whole leaves and balls of I need to twist the black knobs off and open the pump up to manually clean that out? Can anyone tell me what a good pressure for my size pool to be at would be? I don't know if this will also help, but I feel like when I sweep the pool, I don't get a great suction. It collects the stuff that is on the ground but it doesn't feel forceful and I feel like I have to put the hole of the sweeper right on top of it for it to get it. Also, leaves are leaving a green stain on my liner.

    I know I asked a gazillion questions but I am at a loss. I would be ever so grateful to start with the water issues.

    thank you so much for your time! I forgot to add the depth to my pool dimensions. it is 4 foot to 8 feet. I am not sure how many gallons.
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    Re: New Pool owner...and pool has turned cloudy and beginning to turn green in the de


    What you have is an algae bloom that's been building for a while. That's why your filter is clogged, your water is cloudy, and it's starting to go green.

    First thing is to clean the filter thoroughly so you get good circulation. It won't stay that way for long -- expect to need frequent cleaning during the third step.

    Step two is to get some accurate test results. If CYA is really high, you'll need to replace some water before step three.

    Step three is Shock Level And Maintain. Here's some links to threads by people who've done it. Your pool can't look worse than some of these. Just do what they did.
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