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Thread: Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

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    Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    I have a 21,200 gal IG VL pool. Older pool, only built with a side skimmer and one floor drain in the deep end. The deep end drain went bad a few years back so I have it plugged.

    In this instance, will a pump for an AG pool work ok as it only has to draw water up maybe 20" to prime and feed the pump, but when I vacuum it will be drawing water from the 8' deep end. Problem?

    Pump that went down is a pentair whisperflow 3/4 hp 2 speed. Only 5 years old. Motor is the problem, if I go with a replacement motor instead of a new pump, what are the chances that I can simply remove the old motor and install the new without needing new seals, etc?

    Thanks for prompt replies. I need to get something ordered today for delivery tomorrow.

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    Re: Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    You should always replace the shaft seal when replacing the motor. Any other seals on the wet side if dripping/leaking.
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    Re: Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    Your question is not clear to me. The whisperflo is a good pump so to replace the motor is a goo dc option. The seal and plate gasket must be replaced. You did not say what kind of pump is on the ag pool?

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    Re: Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    Some aboveground pumps require a flooded suction. If you choose one of those then it won't work on your inground pool. However some can lift water a few feet, in that case you'll be fine.

    Having said that, I agree that replacing the motor, shaft seal and plate gasket is probably a better way to go.
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    Re: Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    As stated above - it depends on if the pump require flooded or if it can lift water. I have an old Hayward PowerFloII (3/4 HP) That I can use (and have in the past) as a pump for my inground pool. The Pentair Dynamo series pumps can also do a modest inground pool. And both of these are nominally sold as "above ground" pool pumps.

    And as mentioned- replacing the motor / shaft seal/ plate gasket is also an option, especially with something like a Whisperflo. Just make sure you get the correct parts.
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