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Thread: Finally a use for those TriChlor pucks

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    Finally a use for those TriChlor pucks

    Hi All,

    It's been almost a year since you all helped me with this green monster. Since then, I've been managing my own pool successfully, with nothing but crystal clear water through both winter and so far this summer. So thank you all!!

    But, now that I'm a master at knowing my own pool chemistry, I realized my chlorine consumption was pretty heavy lately. I've been running on auto-pilot for quite some time, being very busy, but I've managed to add the right amount of bleach every couple nights to keep everything in the correct range. When I realized how much chlorine I went through these past two weeks, I just re-checked the CYA, and I'm basically at 0 or a little above, which would explain why I'm going through bleach too fast.

    Now to my question:
    I have a whole bucketful of TriChlor pucks that my pool guy was using last year before I fired him. Can I just start using these pucks in place of bleach and CYA until my CYA numbers are back to what they should be? Also, I have a feeling that my FC numbers are going to be high while using the pucks.

    Is this a good plan? Will the pucks take a long time to get my CYA numbers back where they should be?

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    Re: Finally a use for those TriChlor pucks

    Yes you can use the pucks but it may take awhile. If the pucks can't keep the proper amount of FC in the pool then you can supplement with bleach to keep the FC in range. This may change as the CYA level goes up.

    I've had a floater full of pucks (2 lbs 6 oz worth) right next to the return it took 13 days to dissolve all of them in the floater with pump runtime averaging 6 hours per day. That gives you an ideal of how long it may take. If I had 2 or 3 floaters then that would have helped alot because they only have the small vent in the bottom of the floater for water flow.
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    Re: Finally a use for those TriChlor pucks

    You won't get the CYA up fast enough. I'd use the pucks, but still add some CYA/stabilizer. Once the CYA is up to levels, then stop. I always keep some pucks on hand for vacation time or when CYA needs a 5-10 raise. I always need to add calcium to my pool so the pucks help there too. It's all about knowing what your adding to the pool and why, not that tri-chlor pucks are "bad".
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