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Thread: new to pools, thoughts on a doughboy palm shore 21'x41' ?

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    new to pools, thoughts on a doughboy palm shore 21'x41' ?

    i have never owned a pool in my life but the wife and i have decided to purchase one. we are located in south dakota. we originally wanted an in ground but from what i can see in prices so far i just cant justify the price difference. we went to our local pool distributor today and were priced a doughboy 21' x 41' palm shore oval pool. i believe it was 52" sides and we are also looking at adding the deep end option. the price quoted was $9,449 plus $2,600 install. pump/ filter was included but no covers. it is an additional $1,700 for the deep end option. first how does this pricing compare to other distributors pricing. and second does anybody have any input on this particular brand/model? i have absolutely no experience in this and would like to do this right the first time..... how does doughboy compare to other brands and does anybody have the palm shore model?

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    Re: new to pools, thoughts on a doughboy palm shore 21'x41' ?

    Doughnuts are your top of the line pools. They can be buried and hold up warranty.

    How do you all like that typo I did on the phone? I'm leaving it!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: new to pools, thoughts on a doughboy palm shore 21'x41' ?

    I own a DB AG and considering its age (it was built in 80s) , and the fact that only 2 weeks ago the skimmer went (and I did abuse it a bit) after so many years, I think they are a good pool.
    But, they only use their own brand parts, and in our area the stores that sell stuff for DB are their distributors and those are few and far between, so I have to drive 20 miles of a very trafficky road there. None of the generics fit, not even the skimmer basket. Does not occur often, no, but when it does it is somewhat annoying.
    But they are a quality reliable easy to maintain pool.
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    Re: new to pools, thoughts on a doughboy palm shore 21'x41' ?

    I'm on my 2nd Doughboy pool. First one was at my old house and was probably 10+ years old when we installed it. This one at our new house is probably another 10+ year old pool. Yes what Morzh said is correct, all your parts have to be Doughboy, there is no using generic. BUT with saying that they're one of the best you can buy. Our neighbors have a Doughboy as well, their pool was probably 15 years old when they installed and they've now had it installed at their house almost 20 years. Do the math. They last a really long time.
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    Re: new to pools, thoughts on a doughboy palm shore 21'x41' ?

    We have a Doughboy Desert Spring 21x41, with a 7-foot deep end. The total cost for pool, installation and dig was about $13,000. We have a very large slope in our back yard and our dig was complicated. I think the pool and equipment was about $10K, the dig about $2K and the deep end about $1K. We love our pool so far, in our fifth summer. I hope this information helps.
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