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Thread: Greenish Brown Water

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    Greenish Brown Water

    Hello everyone, I am so grateful to have found this sight and to be a part of it. Thank you for letting me be a part of this group of such knowledgeable people.

    We have a vinyl splash pool that is 25 years old. It went into storage 7 years ago but 2 years before we stored it we purchased a brand new sand filter and pump. We recently relocated to a very rural part of Idaho which is out in the middle of nowhere but we have lots of land to put the pool up. Got the pool up filled it with water from our well circulated the pump for about 4 to 5 hours everything was going fine added 2 pounds of chlorine and the water started green right before my eyes. Since we have never had this problem ever before I started a little research and learned that we probably have iron in our water and it reacted with the chlorine turning the water a greenish brown color. How Can I get the Iron our of the water? Would it be necessary to balance the pool first in hopes that by doing this it will fix the problem with the water. Current water readings are Chlorine 2.0 BR 4.4 PH 8.2 and with this kit it took 14 drops to turn the TA solution clear. I have been running the pump about4 to 5 hours everyday. I really don't know what to do hear any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The kiddos were really looking forward to having the pool since like I said we are out in the middle of nowhere. We are literally 2 hours away from the nearest pool store and even at that the store is in another state. Thank you for any help that you might have.
    Pool is a 24 ft. by 12.5 ft. Vinyl above ground splash pool that is 25 years old. It is 4.5 ft. deep and holds about 8000 gallons. Sand Filter is a STA- RITE model T-200BP-1. Pump is a STA -RITE model ABC 4E-2A4. Pool was filled with water from a well and sand filter and pump turned on and all is working fine. Test kit that is being used is a Pool Master 5 way test kit. Pump runs about 4 to 6 hours a day.

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    Re: Greenish Brown Water

    Hello Jo Anne and welcome to TFP!. Some info I found from other threads .... "Once you've added chlorine it oxidizes nearly all the iron to ferric iron that then forms iron oxides. So now the approach is to physically remove these precipitates either through vacuum-to-waste, through sweeping to get to the filter (or to skimmer socks or batting material i.e. paper towels) and then you'll be left over with a smaller amount of iron in the water. At that point you can either use a metal sequestrant or physically remove it with something like Metal Free that tries to capture and precipitate more into the filter. You'll want to remove this extra metal to prevent staining that can occur if the pH rises. Also, you may introduce more metal from evaporation and refill."
    Here are a couple more pages that speak about iron:
    Pool School - Metals in the Water and Metal Stains
    Green water and low ph

    Let us know if you have any more questions.
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