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Thread: Brand new plaster swimingpool

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    Brand new plaster swimingpool

    Dear all,

    we are super new on this site and are actually very glad we've found you!
    Hope to be still in time to get some good tips to treat our brand new swimmingpool, which we just finished to fill with water a minute ago!
    Introduction: we are in Zanzibar - East Africa, equatorial weather... "cold" season now, approx 70 to 85, 50% couldy but not raining. (our pool is in total the shade from 3pm)

    2 introduction... cannot find the same brand chemicals here... supplies very limited! So please, try to help us understanding the bases without mentioning specific brands.
    Indeed we apology for not having the TF-100 test kit... the only one available here was AquaCheck test strips, plus we have a liquid base PH and Chlorine test (not used yet)

    To start with we've tested the water with the strip (at least it's more complete):
    CA CAL 500 (ok for AquaCheck)
    TC 0
    FC 0
    PH 8.4+
    TA 240+
    CYA 30-50 (ok for AquaCheck)

    This water comes from the government tanks, supplied with watertrucks. All Zanzibar is pretty reach of underground caves with fresh water. (Lucky enough!)
    Obviously the government doesn't treat the public water!!! (too bad)

    If we understood well by adding acid we'll lower the PH and also TA... correct?
    Should we do this before starting with Chlorine???
    Or can we do both PH and Chlorine at the same time?

    When adding the acid should we run the pump/filter?
    When is the best time of the day?

    Same questions for adding Chlorine.

    Sorry if we are sooooo much unexpert! We've read the most of Pool School, but no answer to these questions are found! Which make us think we must be 100 steps lower then anyone else on this site!!! Sorry for that!!

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    16.000gal, 8-16f width x 50f lenght. 3 levels depth 1f, 2f, 4-6f. White plaster walls with flat stones floors.
    Sand filter Astral 600, 1.5HP Astral Pump
    Zanzibar is a hot, humid and windy Island, summer all year round
    Chemicals and equipment supplies are very limited.

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    Re: Brand new plaster swimingpool

    hi and welcome
    at the top of the page is a link to poolmath
    use this tool to work out how much acid to add to lower your ph to 7.2 with pump/filter running
    can use dry acid from pool store, big box store or hydrochloric acid from hardware store
    any ph value above 8.2 will register as 8.2 so you will need to retest after half an hour and adjust again if required
    long term your ta will drop as you regularly add acid
    using pool math add liquid chlorine to reach 3-4 ppm,
    liquid chlorine and regular household bleach are the same chemical just different strength, dont use fancy bleach, scented or splashless
    dont use any solid or powdered forms of chlorine
    add chemicals half hour apart except for any ch up, ph up, or ta up which can react, i add these one day apart
    you dont require any so irrelevant to you
    you list a cya of 30-50, that is not naturally occurring, did you add it or your test strips are suspect
    SWG inground peanut shaped eco-bright concrete pool
    50,000 litres 13,000 gallons
    Lincoln Salt Chlorinator, 25 gram cell Sand Filter with glass media
    Taylor K2006-C test kit, Taylor K-1766 salt test, Dolphin M500 pool cleaner
    are you taking care of your pool or is the poolshop taking care of you

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    Re: Brand new plaster swimingpool

    Hello and welcome! You are the 2nd person from S Africa today. A couple links for you to look at:
    - An option to order the Taylor K-2006 test kit here: Taylor K 2006C Swimming Pool Spa Liquid Test Kit Fas DPD Chlorine 2 oz Reagents | eBay
    - Because you have a new plaster pool, please read this page: Pool School - Start-up New Plaster. Always follow your pool builder's recommendation to avoid any warranty problems.
    - This page Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals will tell you all the chemicals you can use and why. If you can't find one in your area, let us know and maybe we can give you an alternative.

    We always recommend running the pump for at least 30 minutes when adding chemicals. Never mix bleach of muriatic acid at the same time.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions. Welcome!
    Pat (a.k.a. Texas Splash) ~ My Pool: Viking Fiberglass; 17,888 Gal; Waterway Supreme 2-sp/2-hp pump; Hayward Ctg filter; TF-100 w/ Speed Stir
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    Re: Brand new plaster swimingpool

    Thanks both guys!!!
    Texas Splash... this is your second answer to me today, well... thanks twice!!!
    Aussieta... unfortunatelly we only find powder chlorine and the liquid bleach seams not to be an option for us, but we'll keep searching for alternatives.

    We didn't add any CYA... I was suspicious too about the result!!! Is CYA something that can get in the water by itself? Sun, rain, heat, minerals???
    Or do you believe our strips aren't good?

    Yes... we have one more question: when is the best time of the day to add acid? We know that adding chlorine in direct sunlight is pretty useless... is it the same for all chemicals?
    16.000gal, 8-16f width x 50f lenght. 3 levels depth 1f, 2f, 4-6f. White plaster walls with flat stones floors.
    Sand filter Astral 600, 1.5HP Astral Pump
    Zanzibar is a hot, humid and windy Island, summer all year round
    Chemicals and equipment supplies are very limited.

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