Its been a long haul installing this used pool 98% myself but I'm getting closer.

A few questions.

1. I have a 16" Radiant brand sand filter ( Radiant 16 Inch Sand Filter and Valve - 110lbs Sand Capacity -

The sales person said fill ??? some with pea gravel 3-4 " over laterals. Is aggregate the same as pea gravel? I have a lot of aggregate-it's rough and has varying sized small rock from 1/3 or 1/4" rock and some 1/16" gravelly stuff. Or would the pea gravel be the round gravel that is smooth and not little bitty gravel. I think I understand the pea gravel goes over the laterals and the pea gravel is supposed to keep the zeo-clear from going through the laterals.

2, I have zeo-clear ( 50 lbs) to add on top of "pea gravel". Do people put a piece of landscape fabric between the pea gravel and zeolite to keep it separate?

3. The filter instruction don't say how high the zeo-clear goes up to? So how high? Is there a reference point? They said use 1/2 the amount of zeo-clear as sand so 50 lbs is what I got.

4. There is a little side clear 1/2" tube with some sort of perforated cap on it. Tube goes from lateral area and is about 12 " the instructions don't say what purpose this thing serves. Pool supplies tech said it's useless and disregard.

On a side note I have the 1 1/2 " schedule 40 PVC quick disconnect ball valves below the skimmer and return. Then I am putting in quick disconnect around the pump and filter ( 3 total) . At first I only had 1 quick disconnect on pump and realized that won't be fun to unscrew all the other things.

New skimmer and return came, old one cracker pre-install thankfully. After eyeball install the eyeball is very tight and barely turns.

5. Should I use water proof lube on eyeball and back off on the tightness? I have magic lube and another water proof lube ( not sure if it perto free- has to be perto free is says food grade)

Last one,

The pool is used so has some dents and dings, one is near skimmer opening.

6. Is it ok to use silicone marine sealant in addition to the gasket to prevent leaks due to the irregularity of the metal wall. I have a back up gasket.

I teflon taped every screw thread I have. I have not glued any PVC yet. How long does the glue have to set before I can turn on the pump and filter?

Thanks so much.