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Thread: Still Huntrin' That Easter Egg

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    Still Huntrin' That Easter Egg

    I'm still getting small bits in my polaris 165 filter which is stopping it up after approx. 1 hour of use and littering pool. I've changed the multiport a second time with another new multiport,,, Do I need to keep on cleaning the sand with water hose since it's been 6 years and has not been cleaned?? Or do I need to do a complete sand change??

    Here's the orginal posts---

    FIRST POST---Six year old sand filter (Hayward s244t). This season I've been getting lots of very small tree particles in the pool. I have very large oak trees on 2 sides of my pool. The particles build to the point that my vacuum filter clogs and does not move (Polaris pressure side 165). I cleaned the sand filter yesterday by gently moving water hose thru sand (low pressure on hose) then let the filter fill and drain from the top for 10 minutes> I'm still getting the particles in the vacuum and pool. I did not drain the filter from the the bottom drain before starting cleaning. Do I need to drain first before cleaning or just clean for a second time since the filter has never been cleaned ?? THANKS !!
    most recent post---

    I've taken sand filter apart again and washed the sand for approx. 1.5 hours. Then let the water run over the top until clean. Backwashed and rinsed, started it up and BOOM, I still got small particles (looking like tiny bits of oak bark,leaves) coming into vacuum and pool. I'm as lost as last years' easter egg as to what to do nex t---- Any suggestions ?? THANKS AGAIN
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    Re: Still Huntrin' That Easter Egg

    I wonder if you have some broken laterals in the sand filter allowing the schmutz to return to the pool lines?
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    Re: Still Huntrin' That Easter Egg

    Could be,, but I don't have any sand coming into the pool..
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    Re: Still Huntrin' That Easter Egg

    I have the same problem every now and then. Seems to happen most often early in the season when my S244T filter is working hard doing the initial water clearing. Bits get through and clog the Polaris filter, bits that look much bigger than 50 microns, which the S244T is supposed to trap. Maybe try adding a bit of DE or Fibreclear through the skimmer to help the sand filter a bit better.

    Good luck!!!
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    Re: Still Huntrin' That Easter Egg

    How about skimmer socks?

    I tried them for the first time this season and, combined with new skimmer weirs (one of mine was missing, and the other was so badly broken I didn't know it was there...), I have no problem keeping tree pollen and cottonwood seeds off the surface of my pool.
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