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Thread: Very low pressure with Hayward Navigator

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    Very low pressure with Hayward Navigator

    Our pressure is usually at a 10, but lately it has been at a 1-2. We have no line blockage that we know of, have checked the lines many times, put the hose through, backwashed many times. The jets are not blowing as they should and the navigator is not moving as quickly as it should. We have changed all the gaskets already. All debris is clear. All regular maintenance, shoes, wings, hoses, etc, are replaced regularly. Our pool is 4 years old. Would changing the sand in the pool pump help with this? Are there any filters in sand pumps? When they install your pool they don't fill you in on anything other than the normal upkeep.

    We have a plaster IG play pool with a sand pump.

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    Re: Very low pressure with Hayward Navigator

    Welcome to FTP!

    You have a sand filter.

    Loss of pressure is caused by an obstruction on the suction side of the pump. If there was an obstruction on the filter side of the pump the pressure would go up. Both problems will cause a reduction in flow.

    Some common causes of suction side obstructions include skimmer basket full, pump strainer basket full, debris in the pipes, valves closed that should be open, or debris in the pump housing around the impeller.
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    Re: Very low pressure with Hayward Navigator

    Thanks, Jason, my husband just called me and heard the same suggestion about the pool impeller. We are going to try that 1st thing. I thought since the "pump" (biggest thing, not really the pump) was filled with sand, it was a sand pump, but I now understand, just by the way you worded it, that the water filters through the sand, duh. It makes much more sense! Do you think after 4 years it would be feasible to change the sand already? I've read between 3-5 years, but everyone I've talked to says that's way too soon.

    Thanks again for getting back to me so soon! I've bookmarked you're site, I love it, I think it's great. I asked this question at another site and received the "cut and pasted" instructions out of the Hayward manual... ugh ... Not at all helpful, obviously.


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    Re: Very low pressure with Hayward Navigator

    The pump should have a clear plastic lid that you can look down into. With the pump on, the "strainer basket" (that's what the clear lid fits onto) should be filled with water, is it?

    Secondly, debris around the impellor is very possible but be sure you check the more common causes before you disassemble the pump. Start at the skimmer and be positive there are no obstructions, then work your way towards the pump checking any possible obstruction until you find it. By way of reinforcement, remember the obstruction will be before the pump....not after.

    Let us know if that strainer basket is filled with water.
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