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Thread: First "test" run

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    First "test" run

    My TF-100 got delivered yesterday and I'm trying to practice a little bit.

    Here's what I got:

    Fill Water:
    PH 7.5-7.8
    CH 175
    TA 150

    1st pool test:
    PH 8.0
    FC 2.5
    CC 0.5
    CH 375
    TA 140
    CYA 45
    Borates 15

    added 32 oz MA to get down to 7.5 and 121 oz of 8.25% bleach to get back up to 7.5.

    Let it run for 30 mins and tested again:
    PH 7.5
    FC 7.5
    CC 0.5
    CH 425
    TA 120
    CYA 35
    Borates 15

    What do you know, pool math works.

    Waited 24 hrs and tested again:
    PH 7.5
    FC 4
    CC 0
    CH 300
    TA 110
    CYA 40
    Borates 15

    Added 32 oz MA and 3 qts of 8.25% bleach to drive PH down to 7.2 and FC back up to 8. It got a little too late to retest to confirm the results, but I may try to test it first thing in the morning.

    My thoughts:
    I'm worried about my CSI. It seems that if I let my PH/TA get up at all I'm in the danger zone. I have noticed that it seems like the color of my plaster isn't as dark as it used to be and i'm wondering if that could be a result of letting my CSI get out of range. I started with a dark blue and now it seems like it is turning to a little lighter shade of blue/grey. Is it possible it faded in the sun, or is that some kind of calcium deposits?

    I'm trying to get my TA down to near 80 so I'm planning to keep working my way down to 7.2 on the PH and let my spill over from the spa to the pool do some aerating to kick the PH back up without raising the TA.

    The CH test is obviously the hardest test to do accurately. Every time I think I'm done I look down and see it turned back to pink. Going forward, I'm saving this test for last so I can let it spin for a while between drops. I feel like my results are all over the place right now.

    CYA - I did the first 2 tests indoors last night. I tried to replicate the high ambient light environment I've seen people mention and got the 35 and 45. For today's test I did it outside with my back to the sun and got a 40. Do I need to try to raise my CYA up to 50, or is 40 good? I'm in TX, so we get plenty of sun/heat during the day. I have a big pile of tri-chlor pucks left over from before my TFP awakening. Seems I could supplement my FC with pucks for a little bit until i hit 50. Or is that too dangerous?

    Do I need to work my borates up? Whats the right level?

    Am I on the right track? Anything else I should be considering?

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    Re: First "test" run

    Looking pretty good there! You are definitely getting it under control.

    I'm not all that up to speed on CSI and impact on plaster color. But, you are in the ballpark.

    It seems odd that CH could go from 425 to 300. Don't really see how that could happen.

    Borates ideal number is 50 ppm, Borates - Why and How

    FC is running low. It is important to keep FC at or slightly above target at all times, Chlorine CYA Chart. You should be at 5 or 6 ppm at all times. And never let it drop below minimum or the pool will be unsanitary and algae will grow.

    CYA of 50 would probably be better with all the sun you get there in SA.
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    Re: First "test" run

    +1 what pooldv said.

    I suggest 50 ppm CYA

    I would ignore csi entirely and focus on the parameters we suggest. You will never need to worry about csi. I personally do not use borates and I would suggest you look again at them 30 days from now and see if you still think you need them.

    You have a good handle on everything except the CH test. Remember, when there is NO FURTHER COLOR CHANGE, the test is over. Do not let it sit on a bench and come back to revisit it. Get to the endpoint and disregard things that may happen 30 seconds from when you finish the test.

    For what it's worth, your CH is about perfect and your fill water will keep it where it needs to be for a long time.

    gig 'em
    Dave S.
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