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Thread: SWG Chorine Production

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    SWG Chorine Production

    Converted to salt 2 or 3 years ago and glad I did. And like most things, I keep trying to tweak. My Dad used to tell me to leave well enough alone...

    Anyway my RJ-30 says it can produce 1.5 lbs of chlorine per day. I use Pool Math to make any chemical additions to the water. How do I convert that 1.5 lbs of chlorine per day to something that can be used in Pool Math?

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    Re: SWG Chorine Production

    1.5 lbs per day = 680 grams per 24 hours (sorry, metric guy) = 28 grams (chlorine gas) per hour. I can;t figure out how many liters/gallons your pool is. My SQG produce allmost the same and will raise FC with 0.6 ppm per hour. You can use the values in the poolcalculator to calculate the FC raise for your pool.
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    Re: SWG Chorine Production

    you can plug in ounces of chlorine gas at the bottom of pool math, just make sure to put in your gallons at the top....just figure out how many lbs you are using based on run time and % its set at. just remember the 1.5 lbs is based on 100% for 24 hours a day.

    for example. you run your SWCG at 50% for 6 hours a day. the total ounces of gas it creates would be = 1.5lbs x (0.50) x (6hr/24hrs) x 16 ounces per lb = 3 oz of chlorine gas.

    now go to pool math. input your gallons at the top. just for example, say you are at 15,000 gallons. then put in 3 oz of chlorine gas at bottom ("effects of adding chemicals") are adding 1.5ppm of FC total.

    this is also a good way to figure out how much to set your % at etc for the first time. using the example above, say I knew I wanted to add 3ppm of FC per day. you can backtrack and figure out what % to run it at based on your pump run time, etc.
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    Re: SWG Chorine Production

    If your 16'x32' pool had an average 4.5' pool depth so was 16*32*4.5 = 2304 cubic feet, then you could type the following in Google search

    1.5 pounds per day per 2304 cubic feet in milligrams per liter per hour
    to get

    0.434528629 (milligrams per liter) per hour
    So if your circulation pump is on for 8 hours and you know you have a 2 ppm FC per day chlorine demand then your SWG % ontime should be 2/(0.43*8) = 58%.
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