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Thread: Blurry and watery eyes next day after swim

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    Blurry and watery eyes next day after swim


    One of my sons complains of blurry eyes that are watery and sometimes burn the next morning after swimming a lot in our pool. He wears goggles 90% of the time, so whatever water that gets in his eyes would be minimal.
    I am thinking he is very sensitive to CYA which this year I have my levels higher than previous years (but even below recommended range). My pool does not get full sun most of the day so I have found I can get away with less of the stuff.

    Here are numbers from this AM
    FC 11
    CC 0
    TA 80
    pH 7.5
    CYA 50-60
    Salt ~ 3000 (aquarite test)

    Only other thing I can think of is my FC is a little high but still within safe for my CYA

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    Re: Blurry and watery eyes next day after swim

    With your SWG, as long as you have it dialed in and working, you shouldn't need to go above 7 FC and can keep it as low as 5. Work the FC down and see if that improves things. Doubtful it's CYA sensitivity maybe just sensitive to a little higher chlorine. pH is another possibility but at 7.5 there should be little irritation as tears are pH of about 7.4.
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    Re: Blurry and watery eyes next day after swim

    i agree, get your FC down a little bit. I think CYA is not the culprit.

    I see your test results were from this morning. what burns your eyes is actually CC, which comes from sweat, pee, etc. but it can break down pretty quick in full sun. since you took the readings so long after they got out of the pool, CC could be zero and wouldn't suspect this is the cause. I would suggest you take a FC/CC reading after he gets out of the pool. if you have need to tell him they cannot pee in the pool under any circumstances. I am guessing this is the issue.

    if that doesn't work, try and adjust your pH down a little bit, try around 7.3. remember that pH number are not linear, they are log scale...meaning that a decrease from pH of 8 to pH of 7, its actually 10 times more acidic, so a reduction of 0.2 or so is quite a bit. if that doesn't work, maybe try a bit higher pH of 7.7 or so.
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