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Thread: First time pool owner - how do I start?

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    First time pool owner - how do I start?

    I inherited a pool with my house. Currently the water does not have any chemicals in it. In have a Guardex 4 in 1 test kit 10 year old test chemicals. The pool is 35600 gallon in-ground fiberglass. What chemicals should I purchase to begin? Should I purchase traditional pool chemicals and get everything balanced first before moving to the three B method or start with the three B method?

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    Re: First time pool owner - how do I start?

    Hi Ruby,
    Welcome to TFP! You have come to the right place!

    we dont recommend adding anything that your pool doesnt need. So, a good and reliable test kit which can test all of the water parmaters is essential. The TF100 XL test kit can test for everything that your pool needs. Most of us here on TFP use the TF100. They are only available online at

    Get the test kit going asap. The sooner you get it delivered, the sooner your pool with be top notch.

    Start off right with the BBB method. (we call it TFPC now). You'll need some liquid chlorine. Either bleach (no fancy scents, splashless additives or any of that), or Liquid Pool Shock. Liquid Pool Shock is the same as bleach, just a higher concentration.

    dont go out any buy anything else yet. We need a set of test results in order to know what the pool actually needs.

    In the meantime, if you can add 1 gallon of bleach every day, that will probably hold any algae from growing until we can get some test results and get you sorted out on the right path.

    Also, we'll need to know more details about your pool, so please fill in your pool specifics in your sigature. Fill in as much as you know. It will help us help you. Here's how. Pool School - Getting Started

    In the meantime, please this. It will help you understand the different water parameters and how they play together.
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

    And the recommended water parameter levels are - Pool School - Recommended Levels

    And you need this chart
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart

    And also play around with pool math and learn how to use it. Its pretty handy and will be your best friend,

    I hope this helps get you started.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: First time pool owner - how do I start?

    ......." before moving to the three B method or start with the three B method?"

    Now referred to as the TFPC------------Trouble Free Pool Care...(method). Changed because everybody doesn't necessarily need to add borax.
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