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Thread: New pool, some questions

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    Question New pool, some questions

    I need some guidance for my particular situation. My pool (9800 gallons) is completely under a roof, and surrounded on all sides by masonry walls, but it is not indoors, as the walls don't meet the roof by about 3 feet. I also have a vinyl electric pool cover which stays closed unless I'm swimming. So the pool gets very little sun, but some, in the mornings and afternoons (on opposite ends). The pool guys just ran me through their pool school (with such choice hints as a gallon contains 64 ounces -- really), and now it's all up to me.

    I forgot to ask if they added CYA during the 2 weeks they managed the start up, but Mr. 64 ounces said I don't need CYA. They left me with a bunch of CYA anyhow and some trichlor pucks, and I'm going to keep using the chlorine pucks until I use them up.

    Here are my questions:

    1) Do you agree I don't need CYA? If I need to use some, what level should I maintain?

    2) I have an ozonator -- in my situation is 2 ppm FC adequate? If I do need CYA -- what level of FC with that?

    3) My free chlorine was greater than 5 ppm the first time I measured it but by letting the pucks dissolve completely and not adding more for a few days I got it down to around 1.5 Then I added 2 pucks -- we'll see if that maintains 2 or goes higher.

    4) Today's readings: FC 1.5, Total C 2.0, pH 7.8, TA 130.

    5) I don't have a test for calcium hardness, but the water in Tucson is practically a solid.

    BTW my Tucson tap water pH is btwn 8.0 and 8.2. I know because I keep fish.

    Many thanks,


    So far so good -- I want to switch to bleach when I can. I hate the way the pucks outgas so much even with the container closed.
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    Re: New pool, some questions

    Welcome to TFP! I will answer as best I can:

    1. I would think you should keep you CYA between 20 - 30. Some may think you can go even lower.

    2. I'm not a big fan of Ozonators, so I'm gonna let others help you on this one...

    3. Calcium is a factor if your pool is Fiberglass, plaster and is a factor in vinyl pools when the Ca is very high.

    I think bleach is the way to go...stop using those pucks because they are adding CYA to your pool. If I may ask, what kind of test kit do you use? The TFP method requires the use of a good test kit such as the TF-100 or the Taylor K2006c.

    One of the experts will be along shortly to expand or correct my thoughts!
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    Re: New pool, some questions

    Welcome to the forum. Do you not have a test for CYA? That will be a first step and, yes, you need it. Yours is a unique pool but I would suggest you start with CYA 30 ppm.

    As jaduck says, you will find virtually no fans of ozonators on this forum so, for the most part, we ignore any potential benefit they might provide. Search "ozonator" on this forum for more info.

    You need to obtain and post results for CYA and CH.......that will influence the advise we give.
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    Re: New pool, some questions

    Welcome to TFP!

    Definitely agree that CYA of 30 is probably ideal. It will buffer the harshness of the chlorine and make your pool much nicer. Chlorine level is set based on CYA level and the Chlorine CYA Chart. Keep FC between target and shock levels at all times. It is safe to swim when FC is above minimum and below shock level.

    It is important to keep PH between 7.2 and 7.8.

    Here are some Pool School articles to check out.
    TFPC for Beginners
    Pool School - Getting Started
    Pool School - Recommended Levels
    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
    Pool School - PoolMath

    Here is more info on ozone, Alternative sanitizers and pools--The Truth!!
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