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Thread: Pumps, water features and cooling your pool temperature ???

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    Pumps, water features and cooling your pool temperature ???

    Hello to All,

    Summer in the south is here !! I really liked when the water was 70-72 and it cooled you off 2 months ago.

    Have relatives in for wedding this weekend, and wanted to get all of your opinions on what ways cool the water the best and what is the primary reason the water is cooled? I will state that a chiller is best, we do not have one and adding one at this point is not feasible.

    Any circulation at night seems to be the winning answer, but what and how it cools is my question? When I turned on the two scuppers, the water that came out for about 10- seconds was really cool. This is bc the pipes are buried 2+ feet deep and not exposed to the sun and the water cooled in there by not being circulated and mixed w warmer pool water. I would conclude that running the scupper pump at night would cool the water X [minimal] degrees bc it's moving water from the pool and circulating it w the cooler air than pool water temperature. Also, since the ground cools at night, thus where the PVC pipes are located, doesn't running water thru a "cool zone" or stretch of PVC pipes in a cooler area cool the water as it runs thru it? Our PVC pipes from equipment pad to pool makes about a 100-110ft run. I am assuming the long run of buried PVC pipes are similar to the principle of a tankless water heater.

    So, what really is the prime reason that cools the water at night? I know it has to be circulated, but is it just the circulation process of moving the water from deep to top or cooling the water going thru the cooler pipes? Would assume it is a combination of both, but I am seeking to ascertain what is the main or prime reason?

    Thank you,
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    Re: Pumps, water features and cooling your pool temperature ???

    Water will cool with or without movement when there is no longer a radiant source of heat (the Sun), or any other heat source of course.
    Water also transfers heat more readily when moving. Turbulence increases heat transfer.

    Also, still water will have a thermal insulating layer. Example, set an ice cube in a cold sink. Take another ice cube and run water the same temperature cold water over the cube. The running water will melt the ice cube much faster.

    If you allow the water to be still. Heat will still be traveling in laminar layers toward the surface. These laminar layers give up heat as they contact the cooler air on the surface, and then sink back toward the bottom. This cycle continues until the water reaches equilibrium with the surrounding temperatures.

    Laminar layering slows heat transfer. Turbulence breaks up the laminar layers and increases transfer.
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    Re: Pumps, water features and cooling your pool temperature ???

    one thing that made might potentially increase heat transfer is blowing air over. Same as you blowing on hot liquid to cool it. And unlike air conditioning it takes less energy. Large fan.

    Of course the water heater of the heat pump type could do it but you need to find the way to reverse it which is an engineering project.

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    Re: Pumps, water features and cooling your pool temperature ???

    If you're up for working with PVC, there are tons of examples on TFP of DIY water showers. Most returns are female threaded 1-1/2" PVC. So a trip to the hardware store and less than $20 in fittings can get you your own pool shower erector set.

    Probably not too feasible at last minute like this but maybe something to create for later use.

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