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Thread: Help with start up, please!

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    Help with start up, please!

    Filled our pool, (info below) with well water and added according to the directions a "start-up" kit from pool supply superstore.
    It was 6 oz of metal out, then 1 lb super shock plus, followed by 16 oz bottles each of algaecide then water clarifier. Waited the 2 hours inbetween each chemical with filter pump running constantly. Pool water is clear. I used the taylor test kit and have the following results: FC- 0, TC-0, PH 7.6, TA 380, and CH 170, CYA- 0. Now what? I read the pool school, add muratic acid to lower the TA or add chlorine?

    Does the TA need to be corrected first, before adding chlorine (am planning on using bleach from walmart 8.25%)?
    And, am I understanding correctly, you have to lower the TA by lowering PH and aeration? And what about the calcium hardness?
    Please outline the steps I need to take, thanks in advance!
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    Re: Help with start up, please!

    Hello Sneek! Welcome to TFP. You will receive many welcomes and words of advice, so let's start shall we?
    - Well water can commonly mean metals in the water, hence you were advised to use Metal-Out, unfortunately the algaecide they had you put in may have also added copper. I would refrain from putting any more pool product in the pool right now.

    Priority #1 - Purchase/order the FAS-DPD kit that will basically upgrade your K-2005 kit to a K-2006 so you can adequately test FC and CC levels as required. It's a MUST.
    CYA (stabilizer. You need enough to get your to a target of 30 ppm. Get granules (Wal-Mart has them), place in a sock, and soak in front of a return skimmer. It takes about one week for the CYA to register. Use the Poolmath calculator (link below) to know exactly how much to add.
    - Yes, acid will lower TA and PH; your PH is most important right now. Between 7.2-7.8 is good
    - FC (A MUST) to prevent algae. Until your CYA builds, start moderately with FC. You increase FC with regular bleach. Add about 1/2 gallon each evening until you get your FAS-DPD kit, then increase as recommended by the Chlorine/CYA Chart (link below).

    The Chlorine/CYA chart is extremely important for you, so keep it handy. More replies to follow I'm sure. Welcome to TFP!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Don't worry about CH for your pool right now. Your priority will be adding stabilizer (CYA) to 30, and adding FC (with regular bleach) to about 2-4 ppm each evening to keep the water clear. Don't forget the FAS-DPD! If you can't get it locally, you can get it via the TF-100 link below.
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    Re: Help with start up, please!

    Texas has you covered!

    How does your water look? Is it clear? Any color at all?

    TA is the LAST thing you take care of.

    Right now get some FC in that pool.

    Start the CYA in the sock in front of the return. Aim of 30 ppm.

    Here is a link to pool math. It will be your go to to find out how much of what you need.

    With you have a vinyl pool you do not need to even test your ch or worry about it.

    Do as Texas said and order the missing part of your test kit. You can look at my siggy for where to get it from.

    Let us know if there is anything else you need.

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    Re: Help with start up, please!

    The super shock plus is just Cal-hypo.

    First thing you need to do is add some chlorine. Bleach is the preferred source, just because it doesn't leave any unwanted side effects behind. WIth no CYA, target 3 FC using poolmath. After your CYA is dissolved, you'll need to target more like 6 every time you add, so the minimum never dips below 3. Don't worry, it will make sense in a couple days.

    Second you need to add some stabilizer aka CYA aka cyanuric acid. Target 40 CYA, which will be about 3.5 lbs of granular stabilizer. Use the sock method described in Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

    In a few days you'll probably need to lower pH due to high TA. It will come down some when you lower pH. Don't obsess over it. It's not harmful - you drink the same source water, right? When pH hits 7.8, measure TA again and plug your numbers ibnto poolmath and dose it down to 7.2. Swimmers will handle the aeration for you.

    Low CH will never be a problem in your pool because it's vinyl-lined. There's no plaster to get damaged.
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    Re: Help with start up, please!

    These guys have you covered. I just want to say welcome! You've made an excellent choice to start with TFP from the start! It will save you headaches and $$.

    Ask us any questions that may come up.

    Most importantly get some chlorine in that pool!

    Lisa P.
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