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Thread: Nut Grass -herbicide or perfect bottom?

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    Nut Grass -herbicide or perfect bottom?

    My mom had a 24' AG resin pool installed on 6/27. On 6/30, after filling, I noticed some of the braces were not secure at the bottom, AND at the bottom edge of the wall at one upright, the pool wall looked as if it had slipped out of the track and is bulging slightly. Long story short, something on the brace was broken, and the idiot installer went ahead and installed and let us fill, without telling us (pool store has been great, their contracted installer not so great). Bottom is also mushy and lumpy. Needless to say, I was livid. Contacted pool store immediately, and while they have not fixed it YET, they are going to make it right (part on order). They will be reimbursing for chemicals, and are trading off the cost of water for a liner upgrade (we have a well).

    Here is where we got lucky. A few days ago, I noticed nut grass growing through liner about a foot inside the wall. Pool store is going to replace the liner (we will probably wait until the end of the swim season now), and fix all the stuff I mentioned above. I have been researching nut grass (I think I've read everything here, and on the internet), and am torn on the best (and most reasonable) thing to do. I am still going to price concrete pads, but I think that is going to be too expensive. I read about Perfect Pool Bottom, and also read about different herbicides. Since we are going to wait until the end of the season, we will not be pressed on time for putting it back up, so can take our time killing weeds if that is what we need to do. The pool also sits right beside an old oak tree stump (a HUGE stump--probably 300 year old tree). It was struck by lightening, so we are pretty sure it was dead when dad had it cut a few years ago. The center of the stump is rotten now.

    So, given all that info, what do you pro's recommend?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Nut Grass -herbicide or perfect bottom?

    Well, First off that I'd like to touch on is the wall being out of the track. It is out because the wall is bulging and if the wall is bulging it means that there is a high spot in that area and needs corrected.

    Is the bottom mushy where the grass is growing up at? If so, it's a very small leak. Don't be surprised.

    And finally, you should treat with a weed killer and use a gorilla pad/Happy Bottom or other barrier to prevent nutgrass. It's pretty invasive.
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    Re: Nut Grass -herbicide or perfect bottom?

    I am using 2 inches of crusher run gravel 2 inches thick, sand, gorilla pad and herbicide to keep anything from growing under the pool..
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    Re: Nut Grass -herbicide or perfect bottom?

    Also being a belt and suspenders kind of guy, I used herbicide and Happy Bottom. My sister had nutgrass grow up through her liner and I knew that I didn't want that to happen!
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    Re: Nut Grass -herbicide or perfect bottom?

    I hate nut grass. Worse than dandylions in a lawn.
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