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Thread: Z5 didn't work out so...

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    Z5 didn't work out so...

    I am in the market for a new robot.

    I know nothing about what else is out there so I am looking for opinions. My pool doesn't get a lot of debris bit I do deal with tons of dust.

    My pool company sells two kinds Aquabot and Polaris. They didn't say much about the Polaris other than those cost upwards of $1,600. They have an AquaBot Prime that is exclusive to them so they said there is nothing out there on it. It runs $1,000 it does not have a remote they said and it sounds like it doesn't have the features I loved about my Z. I am pretty sure that is the highest end AquaBot they sell. The warranty is only 12 months bumper to bumper on the AquaBots they also told me. They are being certified to become a Aquabot repair center so that is a plus.

    I have to have top loading cartridges, the remote was handy and I did use it. For whatever reason the Z didn't like my shallow end so that is where the remote came in handy. The caddy is a must and I liked the tangle free cord and no plastic guards on the sides of the track. That is non negotiable. Also, is it easier on your liner to go with a cleaner with wheels versus a straight track cleaner? I am willing to spend up to $1,200 what I spent on the Z. I also would consider a different Maytronics unit.

    The one thing that it

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    Re: Z5 didn't work out so...

    Good morning, Chris. I don't know anything about the two models you're looking at, but I have a suggestion since you're working with the local pool store.

    Last year I bought a dolphin M4, which I love, after the store owner let me "try it before I buy it."

    My goal was to make sure it actually worked in my pool -- mines a grecian with a steep slope.

    Maybe your store owner wold let you do the same since you already had trouble with the Z5.

    One last question -- have you already returned the Z5? (Eg was it new and you're returning it, or are you replacing it for other reasons?)

    If its like the M4, sometimes it makes a difference how you set the floats on he handle (if your model has that) and launching them upside down can help make sure there's no air bubbles and that it "learns" or takes a new path if its had a tangle.

    I believe the Z5 is te online version of the M5 supreme...but I think there is an extra brush in the center in the M4s and m5s...those are the model sold in bricks and mortar pool stores.

    If you liked everything about the Z5 except its navigation of the shallow end, it might be worth calling around to find a maytronics dealer locally and try the M5 to see if there is a difference.

    That extra center roller might make a difference re: how it handles. eg. I read a thread last year where someone with a Z5 got stuck on drains...mine doesn't get stuck on's like a little tank
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