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Thread: Story and a question: swimmed in a blue but cloudy shocked pool..

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    Story and a question: swimmed in a blue but cloudy shocked pool..


    I'm a new pool owner and my pool was a green swamp due to negligence. About a week ago, I shocked it with liquid chlorine heavily and I left the pump running for two days and the pool turned blue, but its cloudy. I could saw improvement each day for those two days so I assumed that the cloudiness was due to dead algae. I have a sand filter and a SWG. My pool has about 26000 gallon of water. Its a concrete outdoor pool.

    Then I got the water tested at a local pool store (Im in Canada so I cannot get TF100, and my K-2006 was on the way). All reading was fine but there was 0 CYA in the pool. I got some stabilizer from the pool store that day. At the store, one of the assistant told me that it was okay to enter the pool so I did. btw I entered the pool before I dropped CYA in the skimmer. I'm very new to the pool and I thought CYA could burn my skin. I dropped about 3000g of granular CYA after I leave the pool.

    However, after some browsing in TFP, I found that cloudy presents may suggest that there are still live algae in the pool. I was really scared. So I shocked my pool again and I turned on my SWG on an auto mode do kill the possibly living algae. I mean, I'm not vomiting or anything but I did dive my head into the pool and I did choked some of that cloudy water in my body.

    The pool is looking clear now, and I understand that without a proper test result posted here it would be hard for people to advise me. I fully understand the importance of a good kit and its on its way (shipping).

    Test Strip:
    FC around 10
    TBR Bromine around 10
    PH 6~7
    Alk 80~90

    Can people please give me some advice regarding my situation? Am I doing the right thing in general?

    Many Thanks!
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    Re: Story and a question: swimmed in a blue but cloudy shocked pool..

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Generally you have the right idea. But, you need to follow the ShockLevelAndMAINTAIN Process, when your test kits shows up, until you pass the 3 criteria to stop.

    People swim in lakes with algae all the time. It is not unsafe in and of itself.
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    Re: Story and a question: swimmed in a blue but cloudy shocked pool..


    Cya being added prior to a swim won't burn you, no worries. That said, you want a proper balance of Free Chlorine to your Cya level next time before you swim. With zero Cya, you would want that FC below 4 PPM to be safe. Since you will likely need to SLAM, don't add more Cya than it will take to get you to 30. You're on the right track,most post up some results with the 2006 when it arrives and we will be happy to help.
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