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Thread: removing stains

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    removing stains

    Hello all,
    I'm new here and have been reading all posts. Unfortunately I live in canada and can't find half the products you guys use just the local pool store branded products. My pool salesman is pushing me to use stainfree, but from what I read on the site it is no longer ascorbic acid being used but citric acid. So here is my question I have vitamin C, if I grind a pound of it would that work? would the filler additives they put in the tablets cause issues? I tried citric acid, drained 3/4 of my pool, but the stains came back but 50% lighter than before.

    One other issue I have is my PH is at 8.1 and will not drop even after 4 kg of ph down. My TA is at 100

    My free chlorine is at 0 and I added a polyquat algeacide.
    My pool water has a slight green tint

    Thank you all

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    Re: removing stains

    Paul how are you testing your water?

    Your fee chlorine is 0 and you added polyquat algeacide? You should have added chlorine to get your FC up.

    I will let someone else talk about the stains.

    If you do not have your own test kit you REALLY need to get one. You should be able to get the Taylor 2006 (NOT 2005).


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    Oh and use muratic acid to get your PH down. It is cheaper and works MUCH better.
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    Re: removing stains

    Welcome, Paul. When you get a chance, please add your pool details to your signature -- that is especially relevant with staining.

    Your very first problem is your ph and it needs to be corrected to control stains and also to allow the chlorine you need to add to work Use the pool calculator and us full strength Muriatic Acid to get it down to the low end of acceptable range, eg. 7.2 to control staining.

    I know its hard to get a kit in Canada, but Lowry's does sell the Taylor k-2006...just at a much higher price

    Please do get some liquid chlorine into your pool and get a CYA reading (even if from the pool store) to approximate the ratios shown in the chlorine:cya link in my signature. For the moment, well put the TFP pool care methods aside in order to address your question, but trust that your overall pool care will be a lot more enjoyable if you make a dedicated effort on this front.

    Re Metal staining -- first off, are you on a well? Or are you using pucks with copper? Algaecides? Gotta know the source to stop the stains from coming back. Because if your source water has metals, you will need to dose and maintain sequestrant ongoingly to prevent staining, particularly when your ph rises so much.

    Re: Ascorbic acid...that would work in theory, but likely very expensive. but if you check out any health stores you may also instead find bulk powdered ascorbic acid. EBay sellers of AA may also ship to Canada. Food ingredient vendors who sell to vitamin producers will also sell bulk AA. Also ask your pharmacist if they ave a supplier. Hope those ideas help you for the treatment.

    Also check to see if pRoTeam (Haviland) hav distributors in Canada...if Metal Magic sequestrant is available, there is an alternate approach to stain treatment you may wish to try.
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    Re: removing stains

    Good morning, Read the thread on ascorbic acid treatment. The stains have lightened, pump is running, been keeping poly quat in. One the thread for the AA treatment, it didn't say to backwash the filter before adding the sequester, which we use Jack's Pink. That sounds logical to backwash before so you don't backwash the Pink out. We need to start getting the water back to balance, as it's getting cloudy.

    Main question here, after reading how to AA, do we backwash before adding Pink, wait 24 hrs, then start slowly adding chlorine etc.
    Appreciate all the help, we are new at posting and new at pool chemistry.
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    Re: removing stains

    Reading your post Paul re: ascorbic acid in StainFree. We have stains, post #4 here.
    In our research, we found that StainFree is citric acid...........StainFreeExtra is ascorbic acid.
    We ordered our AA from myspicesage, a spice online store, at $11 a pound, shipping free and
    it comes in two days.
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    Re: removing stains

    Where in Canada are you. I found a product called 3 Met O Plus at the pool store near me. Much cheaper than StainFree and works really well. It will lower your PH but also consume your chlorine. Since you have high PH, this might be a good thing for you.
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    Re: removing stains

    This thread talks about the 3 Met O Plus product which is essentially dry acid (sodium bisulfate) with a steroisomer of ascorbic acid (Erythorbic acid). So it's a reasonable substitute if your pH is not already low.
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