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Thread: Not in town to use BBB on a regular basis

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    Not in town to use BBB on a regular basis

    I have an ~15,000 gal above ground pool (33'x18' oval) on a property I own about 100 miles from my residence in central Texas. During the summer, we make it down there every 2 to 3 weeks (less so in the winter), I am looking to make my pool accessible when we get there for the weekend. I am a big fan of the BBB method (when I was there daily, my pool was great, bleach and muratic acid was all it took), and it still works great, however it takes a day or two to get the pool into swimming condition when we arrive on Friday evenings. I am looking for a way to keep the pool "swimmable" when we get there for the weekend.

    I will add a pool water valve to keep the water level constant and I have a timer for my pump. I am considering a SWG to help maintain pool chemistry at an acceptable level while we are out of town. (I deplore chlorine tablets - and their associated additives).

    I have 110V power at the pool, and prefer to use that. Not a show stopper, but the better rated SWG systems seem to require 220V.

    At this point I am looking for suggestions!

    Does SWG sound like a good solution for a pool that is not maintained for 2-3 weeks at a time, for someone who understands and tests the chemistry when back at the pool? Is SWG reliable enough to work for a month at a time without daily monitoring...?

    Any suggestions and advise will be appreciated.


    John K

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    Re: Not in town to use BBB on a regular basis

    Welcome to TFP!

    Getting a SWG will be a big help, but it is going to be tricky to go 2-3 weeks over and over again. My pool will often go two weeks without any attention, but then there is a storm, or extra hot temperatures, or the pump strainer basket fills up, and it needs attention right away. There are lots of things that can go wrong over 2-3 weeks that can cause problems if not fixed within a couple of days. You can do various things to minimize the risks, but eventually something is going to go wrong enough to cause a real problem. And with only a weekend to fix things it may be difficult to fully recover from some of the problems. Is there any way you can find a friend or hire someone to look in on the pool at least once a week?

    There are some great SWGs that work on 110 volts. The Entire AutoPilot line is switchable for 110/220, as are some of the others.
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    Re: Not in town to use BBB on a regular basis

    Would a Liquidator not work for him as well ? But as with other things and as Jason says if something goes wrong with it and your not there to check it you cold be leading to more serious troubles that will take more than a weekend to repair.

    In my opinion I would as Jason suggested, try to find someone that lives close by who could stop and look at the pool every few days or once a week to make sure everything is ok with it. You could even teach this person to do water tests and add chemicals if needed. Perhaps a church in the area has someone who would be interested in doing it ?
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    Re: Not in town to use BBB on a regular basis

    Autochlor SMC range is 110/220V switchable

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