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Thread: Total dissolved solids and Bleach??

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    Question Total dissolved solids and Bleach??

    I'm fighting black algae with decent success following a period when my pump went down and I had an air leak I couldn't find. System working good now and I'm maintaining FC at shock levels with 8.25% bleach from Walmart and Costco. (Very close in price). I'm following instructions I've found on TFP for dealing with black algae. Anyway, went to pool store today, where I've had good luck buying parts and which is recommended for its knowledgeable staff, to buy a stainless steel brush. To my surprise the guy didn't try to sell me Cu algaecide, but agreed that brushing and chlorine were key. But, when I told him what I was doing, he did warn me that using sodium hypochlorite would lead to clarity problems (total dissolved solids?). He noted that " big commercial pools use sodium hypochlorite (which we sell) , but they get drained every season around here. We try to keep people's water lasting 7 years". I drained my 15 year old pool for the first time last year, and have never had clarity problems once my filter got going, though this is the first year I've ever used bleach.

    Does this make any sense to anyone?

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    Re: Total dissolved solids and Bleach??

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    TDS is a meaningless parameter that pool stores seem to harp on. We prefer to look at the things that make up the TDS that are useful. For example, TDS includes: CYA (stabilizer), CH (calcium), salt, etc

    You know what that dangerous TDS the bleach is adding actually is? It is salt!!!!!
    On a strictly bleach diet, it is possible that your salt level could reach 1000ppm ... Guess what level I maintain in my pool for the SWG. Up to 4000ppm ... so I guess my pool's TDS is 4 times worse

    Oh another tidbit: All forms of chlorine actually add salt to the pool ... bleach just happens to add a little more. BUT, bleach does not have the side-effect of adding calcium or stabilizer which when it builds up, requires replacing water to lower it.
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    Re: Total dissolved solids and Bleach??

    Lol, knowledgeable staff? Anyone that works in the pool industry and is still using TDS as a primary indicator of a problem does not deserve that title.

    Pool stores are good places for parts and toys, but try not to talk chemicals with them. It will only lead to confusion and/or annoyance.
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    Re: Total dissolved solids and Bleach??

    Glad I found this discussion (from a year ago). I went to a new pool store (locally owned and operated so I would like to support) and told them I was using liquid chlorine. He went on about TDS and said that I would have to drain a portion of my pool every year due to TDS build up. I had never heard that before (pool owner for 2 years) and probably had a confused look on my face.

    I am really glad I found this site when I got my pool. This is straight forward advice from other pool owners who are not trying to sell any chemicals.

    Thanks for all the great information.
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    Re: Total dissolved solids and Bleach??

    my CH is 900, my salt level is 5200, and my CYA is at 50. I bet my TDS is through the roof.
    But the pool is clear.
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